cut off the last letter of a word

In English, when entering data via the device keyboard, we always learn to cut off the last letter of a word, ie not display it. For example, “cheap”, the English term is displayed with “chea”. The input is displayed as correct. Used is an iPad Pro 10.5 and Memrise v2.4.3.11182. Can you please fix the error?

I have this issue too on my iPad for all courses, not just my English ones. It occurs only when using the keyboard rather than the jumbled letter options below the word. Like you said, the last letter is not registered on the screen but the word is recognised as correct and passes onto the next question/word.
Has anyone else flagged this issue elsewhere?

I think this is due to Memrise’s AutoDetect setting, which you can’t disable on the iPad. I have the same issue with my Chinese course, but it’s been fine on my Android phone ever since I turned off the Auto Detect setting.

Please can Memrise add the feature to disable Auto Detect in the iOS app too? It is really aggravating!


hey, i have same problems. and also on the site, the problem still continues. how can we fix this? ( or you)