Custom Webfonts?

I’m hoping to use a custom webfont for Japanese that looks more like handwriting. I saw the post about using the Fond Changer extension to Chrome, but this particular web font is still in early release and so I’m not sure how to use it in Memrise or with a browser extension.

Here’s the font I want to use:

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try modifying one of my scripts - beware, i am a beginner with .css, i am not very good

/* Clear background image */ {

.val, .things, .qquestion, table.pool-things tr.thing, table.level-things tr.thing, body.level-view .things, .layout.level-view .things, .thing-show .row .row-value, .question-row .extra-info, .garden-box .typing-wrapper .typing-type-here, .mem .mem-middle, .forum-thread .detail p, .forum-thread ul.comments > li .comment-body p, .mem-text p {

 font-family: "Times New Roman",Times,Times, Maboroshi no Nijimi Mincho, "SimSun",Sans-Serif !important;


/* Make the questions really big */
.qquestion {
font-size: 200% !important;
line-height: 100% !important;

/* Make some things non-bold */
body.level-view .thing .col_a, .layout.level-view .thing .col_a, .row .row-value {
font-weight: normal !important;

the result is something like this:

I will certainly try this! Where do you put the code? Do you have enter all of it in each question? Or is there a course settings area?

I’m decent at CSS, but I haven’t found a ‘additional CSS’ box anywhere yet.

Also, from everything I’ve read, you can use an external style guide to change the fonts on your own browser. But I want to set the font for my students. I’m somewhat surprised there is no way to do this now that web fonts are a thing.