Cursor positioning in text box not working after iOS13 update

After updating to iOS13: By typing in a text box the cursor positioning does not work correctly anymore. It is not possible to place the cursor on a certain position within the written text. The Cursor is placed always to first position into text field. Any tap just selects a Word or the whole sentence. It is not possible to expand, reduce or change the selection. Like this it is not useable.
(using iPhone SE, iOS13)

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Thank you for raising this!

We are trying to tackle all iOS 13 specific issues promptly and we missed this one but we are aware and will be fixing it shortly. Apologies for the inconvenience!

Thanks again



Cant move text cursor (caret) during revive tests. Using iPhone on the latest iOS and the Memrise updated up to date. Is there anybody having same problem?

This issue has now been fixed. It should go out with the next release so should be out with you very soon