Current procedure to report errors in official courses?

There are a lot of errors in the official courses.

What is the current procedure to report them?


Go here:

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Thanks Olaf but that page was created over a year ago. I asked because just two months ago James wanted them in a topic. So now he’s gone I don’t know which way to go.

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I suppose James was really only offering to take care of issues directly, regardless of the “official” way. But since James is no longer working for Memrise I suppose that path is now blocked.

Apart from that, I’ve seen many people report errors on the official course forum thread for the course in question.
For instance, if you intend to report errors for the NL-DE course, search for “[course forum] duits” here on the forum, which would lead you here:

Or this one for the NL-ES course:

FWIW, many of such reports were simply ignored which is why I simply refrained from reporting errors years ago, so don’t expect too much …

Hi both, if you can compile the errors into one message, you can send them directly to us at and we’ll pass them on to the content team.


Yeah, I used to report there until the Dutch course moderator MerlinB disappeared in 2019.

What format would you like? I’m learning two languages from both English and Dutch.