Croatian Course

Hi everyone! I’m starting the Croatian Course by @JarroLuz09 and the word četiri (four) is shown as Etiri.
I don’t know much, but all the pages I’ve seen say četiri. Are there two ways of saying four?

I can’t figure out how to communicate directly with the creator, that’s why I’m creating a topic (also I don’t see anyone talking about the Croatian course lol)

Any information will be appreciated,

As you seem to already have tagged the author here (which is the only way to communicate with other Memrise users) and seeing that the name isn’t decorated with a grey background, it means that Jarro doesn’t have a forum account. That said, you won’t be able to communicate with her/him, I’m afraid …

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Four is četiri.

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Thank you both! I’ll ignore the word in the course to avoid confusion.
Sad there isn’t another way to suggest edits :frowning: