Creating my first course - trying to bulk add vocab

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Just wondering why my Memrise course is not showing the pinyin when in learning mode (even though I set it up) :

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you have set to test on Chinese and prompt with English. When do you want the pinyin to show? Right after test? or only when learning new words? or you want to be tested on pinyin? or you want the pinyin to always show while testing?

are you using PC or app to study?

Hey thanks for your help but mine was already set to test on Chinese and prompting w/ English but I tried switching it around just to check and the pinyin is still not showing:

I’m mostly particular about having the characters and the pinyin together. Whether they appear as answers or as questions is secondary to me. I’m fine with being tested on pinyin, I just need it separated from the English.

I enjoy Memrise most on desktop and don’t particularly like the app. I do both though when I can and when I have to.

You have to edit the course, edit that Pinyin index and ensure the “always show” box is ticked.

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click “more” to see more

10.05.2017 8:10 kirjutas kuupäeval “Kenyanmangrovewaigi” <>:

if you haven’t checked the box “always show” you need to click “more” to see other columns.

It’s so good that you posted that last screenshot. It made everything clear.

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Hey guys, it seems to be working now. Thanks for your help! Much appreciated.

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I have exactly the same issue on a course I set up:

Following the replies, I got the pinyin to show on the PC version by checking the “always show” after clicking the more icon on the pinyin column. But when I use the app on my iphone, it is still not showing pinyin…?

Any ideas? This is key for learning new words, since obviously I don’t know how to pronounce them when I haven’t learned them yet!


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