Creating HSK5 + HSK6 no typing course

Hi, I am creating a HSK5 and HSK6 no typing course, I have already inserted all the words and their definitions however there is no sound for some of the words but there is over 3000 sounds. I have been downloading the sounds from forvo, I have heard some people know how to automate this process although I am not sure, if anyone can help me please let me know because it takes a long time to put these sounds in by myself, whether the task can be automated or a some people would like to just help put in the words manually let me know.

Hi @dazpetty, give this a try - it will probably work for Mandarin:

*New Beta Programme Feedback - #251 by ian_mn

I appreciate the suggestion. However one of the reasons I like memrise so much compared to every other language learning platform is the usage of natural voices instead of computer voices. Natural voices are far more distinct and memorable.

There is an automation tool that works with forvo but a forvo account isn’t free, I wouldn’t mind paying for a forvo account but what troubles me is that I may pay for an account and have it not work.

I think this advice pretty much applies to any language once a learner starts pushing into B2 proficiency.

In addition to your list: I would also advise making friends with native speakers and hanging out/socializing, and if possible live in L2 country.

lol ok, you didn’t read what I asked but good luck.

Not sure if you were replying to me. Please could you translate this into English?

no not you ian_mn, I am replying to Jackson because he randomly decided to give advice that was neither asked for nor needed.