Create my own course - when possible again?

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I need to create my own Memrise-course for my French class at school. Can you tell me when it will be possible again?

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Hi @Judith_F :slight_smile:

Please read the explanation below:

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thank you for the quick answer. you saved my day!

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I am a teacher and I need to create a specific vocabulary class for on of my school classes. When will it be again possible to create my own Memrise classes? Memrise Decks is ok, but not satisfying. I absolutely need to create an app course, not the desktop version in order to implement also audio files for the vocabulary I want my students to study. In the desktop version I cannot upload audio files. There is no way of teaching new French vocabulary without knowing how the words sound.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Hi. Unfortunately, I do not understand creating courses, but there are other users who can help you such as alanh or olaf.rabacchin.

As for using Memrise website to create courses, we do not know when this will happen (we are users too, and for some days we are waiting for feedback on this subject).

But after creating the course on the Decks website, you can edit the course on the Memrise website.

About adding audio, I’m going to add topics that address this subject, and that were answered by @olaf.rabbachin:


Hi @Judith_F,

As you may know, Memrise is in the process of separating the locations of their ‘official’ courses from the ‘community-created’ ones. While this is happening, things are a little messy in a number of areas.

Just to add to @Milamy’s helpful replies, the FAQ guidance note on course creation has been updated recently to explain about the tool’s continued absence from the Memrise site. Here’s a link:

The tool on the Decks website works in the same way as the one we used to have on Memrise (although there’s currently an annoying formatting issue affecting the Level content display, which can be solved by clicking on “Show/Hide”).

The French vocabulary course that you have created (and any new ones you create) will be available to you and your students to learn on both the Android and iOS apps. It’s just that, currently, you/they will need to commence the course on the website version via a web browser in the first place. You should be able to do this from a phone or tablet which has internet access. After you have started the course (opened the first item in the first level), the course will sync across to the app version and appear on your course list there.

Are you still having problems adding audio files? If so, have you been adding them individually or by drawing from an existing database (where audio files may already be attached)?

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How to create your own courses?

New Course Created By Me!
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Hi @Johnny110 :slight_smile:

You asked this question because you pressed the Create Courses button on the Memrise website, and got the message that you should look for an update in the forum? Or was it because you have doubts about creating the course?

I have transferred your question to a topic that answers the first question. On the second question, there are several tips in FAQ & Help:

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