“Create levels” stopped working after migrating from Decks?


I have a course to which I constantly add new words. To create levels I’ve been using the feature “Create levels” that split all the database to the levels of equal size. Now, after migration from Decks this button just does nothing. Instead of the confirmation popup and creation of the new levels, I am redirected to the first page of the database. The bug occurs both on my desktop (Brave browser) and on mobile (iPhone, Safari).


Hi @alexsunny73413, sorry about this.

I tested this and wasn’t able to reproduce the issue on Chrome, nor Safari. Can you try all of the following steps to try and fix this?

  • Please make sure AdBlock, AdBlocking technology or Ghostery have been disabled
  • Clear cache and cookies
  • Enable Javascript
  • Disable any active extensions and/or userscripts
  • Ensure your browser is updated, and restart it
  • Can you try loading the session in Google Chrome?
  • If it still fails, try using incognito/private mode?

Please note that Memrise is not officially supported on Brave.

If all of the above fails, please let us know of the outcome and provide the following:

  • steps to reproduce the bug, including the name of the course this occurs with, as well as details on the device you’re using.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,

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