Covid-19...Will Memrise Ever Implement Searching for Community Courses on the App?

I’m an EFL teacher who’s been using Memrise personally for years. With the Covid-19 out and about, I was hoping to introduce my students to Memrise so they can continue to study at home. The problem is that while many of my students have a smartphone, fewer have access to computers at home in quarantine. (This is a culture where many students hang out at “PC rooms” to use computers for a cheap price, and they are discouraged to go to those places these days.) It’s annoying that even if I make these courses, my students won’t be able to find them without logging in to a computer. No other flashcard apps I’ve seen seems to be as good as Memrise, but if anyone has suggestions I’d appreciate it.



Yes, it would be a really helpful addition.

In the meantime, I just tried a possible workaround you could try. In the web browser on my android phone, I typed in the full url of one of your Korean courses ie: and started to learn the first couple of items in Level 2 (Level 1 is a multimedia level in that course). The course then became accessible on my android app. I guess you have an easy way of passing the url details to your students.

Hope this works for you.


Yes, provide the link for students – it’s also assumed that they need to log in on the web site with a working account.

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Thank you! I can’t believe I didn’t think of that. My students are pretty young so hopefully it won’t be too complicated for them.


Hi @abbeyroks,
In addition, just use your web browser on your phone to search the MemRise website to find a course you like (eg from the community) and answer one question, then it will be on your list of courses on the App.

Don’t forget “a double search works wonders” :wink: eg Korean then keyword search “basic” or “grammar”

Probably they will offer community courses as a supplement only after one completing all official courses units in a given language. Or, when they create a better way to present community courses without clashing to their main products/courses.