Courses with only two answers

Hi, does anyone know if it’s possible to make a course that only has two answers? I want to make a course for practising phrases that are followed by indicative/subjunctive, but haven’t been able to do it…. Any info or ideas would be grately appreciated! Thanks

I don’t think this is possible as Memrise automatically adds wrong answers to each question. Depending on what is being used to learn, this number may vary between (I think) up to 8 (web) and 6 (app) possible answers.

Firstly, thanks a lot for responding!
That’s a shame, as I think the platform could be really helpful in learning/practising/revising this particular grammar point! I’ve made a course on Quizlet but it doesn’t have the “water in […] days” feature that is so great about memrise…

You could try and post a feature request in the Feedback section of the forum (go here), but I doubt that there’s all too much of a chance that Memrise would implement that. It doesn’t hurt to try though! If you do, start your subject line with [feature request] and tag MemriseSupport and MemriseMatty in your posting (type a “@” and then start typing the name).

Great, thank you!!