Courses will not download

I’m having an issue getting courses to download for offline use. I just bought a Google Pixel Slate and ever since then the download just sits at 0% and never comes.

I’m not sure if this is related to the switch to Decks, but I mostly use courses offline so that functionality is critical to me for study. If there’s a way to give debug info, I’d be happy to do so.

The other VERY annoying bug is that the larger the screen is, the larger the answer buttons scale but the question remains SMALL. So, with larger screens you end up with HUGE answer buttons but a tiny Kanji to try and look at.


I also have the problem to download the course. Every time I try to download a course, it has always been ended up with “Download Problem” notification without further explanation. I have the lifetime premium membership as well.

I suppose this bug hasn’t been fixed (I didn’t bother to check again over the last half year or so). Have a look at #3 on my list of Android bugs and the comments in that thread. You can find the thread here:


I have the same problem. I have memrise on my tablet with Anroid 8.1.0.


Whoa this is a lot. I have just restarted studying with Memrise recently, kind of turn me off after knowing that it has been there for a while. Is there anyway that this get prioritized @MemriseSupport, @JBorrego ? The course I want to download is not even large, only 500-ish words, with minimum audio and images.

I have both Android 8 and 9. Both could not download courses for offline study.

Hi there, can I kindly ask for a couple of examples of courses you are trying to download? We monitor failure rates and are not seeing any spike in this problem, but perhaps there is individual problems with some courses or something we are not seeing.

Can I also ask if you are on the latest version of the app that you can download from google play?



Thanks for your quick reply, here are the courses I have been trying to download:


I think I am on the latest version on Android: 2.94_17117_memrise .

Thank you for your answer. I have been trying to download my course

I have added some new words to this course.
I have latest version on Android: 2.94_17117_memrise

If you changed anything within the course, you’ll need to log off and log back on to see the changes within the Android app. This is another problem but it hasn’t anything to do with the download problem!

Why I have to log out? It read me this: If you log out any courses you have downloaded for offline use will be removed from your device.
I won’t download all of my courses again.

Don’t blame the messenger! :slight_smile:

That’s just the way it works - changes aren’t propagated to the app unless you log off and log back on. See #2 of my bug-list.
And yes, if you log off, you loose all downloaded content, meaning you’ll have to once again download everything.

Hi there!

so the infrastructure is working correctly and we can see our failure rates being consistently low. I have had a look at the courses that you are referring to to understand where the problem lies and I can see that it is due to (at least in one in particular) to an asset being corrupt.

For course
one of the three audios for the word riechen in level 4 is corrupt. If you could remove that audio and reupload it, it should solve the problem.

I could see that the other courses have also got some similar problems but I will get back to you in the following days with a list so that we can sort it out for you.

I hope this helps!


I have logged out and logged in. I lost my course for offline use. I cannot download any course.

I cannot download this course:

I will add more courses.


as I mentioned in the other post, the only course I have looked at, has got a problem with an asset that is corrupt. that is not a Memrise infrastructure problem but is something that the course creator has got wrong with that asset. as simple as reuploading and it will work.

I suspect the courses you are posting here have got the same problem. If you try to download an official course (or any of the thousands of great user generated courses that are maintained) you will see how they download just fine. I will be inspecting them and letting the course creators know about the problems in their courses.

I am going to kindly request you to use respectful language from now on. I have edited that last message to reflect that as we will not tolerate bad language or abuse here.



Where I will check my course so that they would be correct. I made a lot of my courses. I had over 30 offline courses on my tablet. I downloaded all of them. Now I can’t download them. Where is the error? Is it my fault or Memrise fault? As I see it that it is a memrise fault.

Thanks for the reply as well as investigating the issue. I see that I could re-upload the courses I’d love to study and manage it myself, but there are concerns:

  1. I might lose my progress on that course
  2. Not giving a proper credit (what is the course’s license, btw :slight_smile: ) to the course’s original author, though maybe I could set it as unlisted, however,
  3. Other users cannot create mems on top of the re-uploaded, unlisted courses.

Notifying the maintainer might be the best way. I checked the German community for the course, yet there is no maintainer set for this course here: Unsure how I could contact the author, since (s)he seems to have no Memrise Community Page:

With that being said, is there any way to ignore corrupted parts of the course and proceed with the download? I tried a third party, Anki-style app that has import & download feature from Memrise decks here and the app manage to download it for offline use. I am somewhat optimistic that this can be solved.

And thanks for your works at Memrise. Community-based courses might be varied in quality, yet for users like me, it is one of the best features of memrise compared to its competitors.

I suggest you apply to become a contributor to the course. Read more about this here:

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Hey! So as Olaf suggested we can definitely grant contributor access to courses that are abandoned. Please refer to that and ask in that part of the forum, we will get it sorted.

We are looking at ways to improve further offline mode and looking at the rate corrupted assets fail is on our radar. We might ignore them fully or ignore IF there is a low percentage. That being said, the quality of a course depends highly on its assets so we always recommend keeping them up and healthy.

We will let you know how we progress on this.