Courses page is out of order?

I just went onto the courses tab for the first time in a few days and all of the courses are displaying out of order. Normally when I go there the course go: Memrise courses (if there are any) → most popular community-created courses. I don’t mind if Memrise is trying to promote the smaller courses, but I couldn’t find anything about it, so I thought it might be a bug?
I’m using a Firefox browser, if that’s relevant.

Hi there, I can confirm that the current order of our courses page is expected.

As you suggested, the order is:

  1. Memrise courses
  2. Community-created courses from the most to the least popular (by number of learners)

I hope this clears any confusion.



My problem was that it was jumping from community courses with 12k learners, to 500, to 1 or 0, and then back to 10k (as I tried to show in the pictures).
For example in the first picture, why would the most popular French community course only have ~500 learners?

Sorry, my bad! I didn’t notice that this is indeed the case.

I’ll create a ticket to have this sorted asap. Thanks for following up on this!