Courses not updating in the app - is there a way to force them?

I make several courses here on Memrise, some of them public, some just for my own personal use. Naturally, all the editing is done on my PC, since the app doesn’t have the editor yet. All the changes I make (new words, changed audio, changed manner of testing, etc) appear in the desktop version right away, but it might take a lot of time for them to show up in the app. And I don’t mean “a few hours” or “it will show up tomorrow” - sometimes it takes weeks.

I’ve tried downloading the course in question onto my phone through the app (I normally don’t bother, since I usually have access to WiFi), thinking that that must force it to connect to the site and look for the most up-to-date version, but it didn’t help either. Currently I have no way of loading changes in my courses into the app apart from waiting until it spontaneously happens, while having not the slightest idea when that will happen. Which is quite annoying, to say the least.

Is this just my problem, or are other people having it as well?


One-week user here. I’ve updated several words on the website. Several updated on the app but not all. I suspect it depends on whether they were words I’d already gotten credit for learning.

Hmm, that’s a silly mechanic, if that’s the case… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The only way to force a complete update in the app is to “log out & log in”. It’s been like that for a long time. Specially if the changes were done in the 2 columns that are tested when you’re learning. :frowning:


Hey, I wouldn’t have thought of that, thanks! :slight_smile:

No, it also updates if:

  1. You re-download the course
  2. When Memrise refreshes it self (for example a restart of the App) - but not always…
    But yeah, logout and login works, because it also deletes all downloaded courses, so I have to download them again.

I beg to differ - re-downloading the course didn’t work for me.

did you delete the course first?

Yes… is there another way? I didn’t even know you could re-download without deleting it first.

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Deleting and re-downloading the course seems to work always for me. Mysterious - we have different experiences. I think the update process should be a transparent background proces; no action from user required


Hey guys. On IOS 12 is just necesarry to log out and log in again IN APP. Nothing else is necesarry for me to refresh updated of course.
Hope I’ve helped.

It’s been a longstanding bug and will not be fixed now when Memrise is terminating custom course support for mobile apps.

I have been having this problem. I have logged out of both the phone app and computer and logged in more than once. there is one course that refuses to update. It is still saying on the app there are words to learn yet the course was complete weeks ago.


You are dealing with a different bug, which won’t get fixed by login/logout. There are two reasons why this problem happens: 1) deleted items in user created courses, 2) because of grammar mode in official courses.

See this:

Thanks for the reply. Suppose I will just have to hope something happens in the future.

I am also having this problem and I can’t seem to get corrections I have made to update the app on my iphone.

If you have a subscription, download the course in the app (i. e. for offline use). This leads to the app gathering together all vocab and thus seems to reliably update the course’s vocab. If you don’t have a sub, log off and then back in again. Note that all your settings will be gone then (such as words/review, etc.).

Hi @nunuvyurbidniz,

Thanks for getting in touch. Sorry to hear you’re facing this issue.

When updating your courses, syncing should be automatic, however sometimes it does require you to refresh the app (by ‘dragging down’ on the course list) or by logging out and back in.

If the issue persists after trying the steps above, can you please send us the following information:

  • Which devices you are using
  • Which OS you are running
  • Which version of Memrise you are using (you can find this information at the bottom of your Settings in the app)
  • Does this happen both on Wifi and mobile data?

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,
Memrise team.


Does that mean that it is now sufficient to pull down in the course list, or is it that all data is now really getting synchronized automatically without any manual user-interaction required …?