Courses - not showing all courses available

(Tampora) #1

While looking for Korean courses yesterday and today, for some reason only 14 courses show up.
Today I checked a few of the other languages by clicking on the top categories icons, Russian seems to do the same with only 14 showing up, the other languages appear to be fine and show hundreds of courses for those languages.
I’ve also tried typing and searching for “Korean” and still only 14 courses show up.

I know there is way more than 14 Korean courses on memrise, and it used to show a lot more.
Just wondering whether memrise is aware of this bug or not?

(only one user) #2

Hello Tampora :slight_smile:
This happened with Japanese courses a few weeks ago. Only 15 Japanese courses appeared. I informed the Japanese specialist (here), she notified the technicians and this was corrected (so it was a bug). At the time, I did not check the other courses.

(Tampora) #3

Ahh ok, I’ll try posting on the Korean one then and the Russian one as well.
Thanks. :slight_smile: