Courses in English cannot be found with different language setting

(Bodaecia) #1

The majority of courses on memrise are in English. These courses seem to be only available when the display language is set to English.

The android app defaults to the language selected for the OS and there is no option to change the app language. Many people learning a language set their phone to the new language. Unfortunately, the majority of the courses on memrise vanish when the OS language is not English. Even searching for the exact course names (in English) shows nothing.

A simple fix would be to add an option to change languages in the memrise app. Or just make all courses searchable no matter the display language.

(Joshua) #2

Unfortunately, I don’t have an android phone with me at this moment.

But i’ll show you some screenshot with iOS device which I possess. Don’t worry, they both share this same feature, so you’ll be able to do the same thing.

Let’s say you want to learn English for English speakers but your phone is set to Japanese. You can simply change language by following these steps:

First click the course categories list, tap the language you want to learn then click “Browse More Courses” button.

Above you can see the following text: “Courses for (Your phone language) speakers”.

Tap it, and you’ll see a list of other languages which are available, select the language of your choice.

I’ll show you a demonstration when my device is set to Japanese.

I clicked English for Japanese Speakers, which I pointed out in the previous screenshot.

I scrolled up and looked for English for English Speakers.

After selecting, I am now given results for English for English speakers.

Hope this helps.

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(Guess who's back 🤩🤩🤩) #3

It is a problem in memrise. I already changed course language settings. For example if I do a course for Estonians they can find it on PC but not in app. In app it is invisible. Now I have changed things so that these courses for Estonians are for speakers of English just them to show up on app. This way they are not visible on PC if language settings are set on Estonian.
There is no way to turn language on app into Estonian.

Or … When I have done a course for Spanish speakers it will only shows up for those whose language settings are set to Spanish.

I changed my language to Spanish then searched for memrise English courses, started it and change my language back

A lot of hassle… If I make a new app couse I always have to remember to set the language to English.
Isn’t there a chance that a course would be visible both on PC and in app, @Joshua ?

(Bodaecia) #4

Thanks for the awesome step by step Joshua. Good to know there is an option to browse by language. The list of courses are pretty extensive in English, so I generally use search to narrow down the courses I’m looking for. Is there a way to search by language?

(Sublimes) #5

Two years passed and it’s still not fixed.
I face the same problem. My mobile devices are both in a different language than my laptop. So when I am looking for a new language course, I am only shown the languages that I could learn from the source language the device is set to. All other languages I could possibly learn from a different source language are not shown and there’s now possibility to search for them (by changing some settings). This problem occurs both on Android and iOS devices. The only remedy is search for the course on my laptop, enroll, and have it then appear among all my courses.



What combination of settings are you trying to get?

Phone language set to “X”
Want to learn language “Y”
For source language “Z” speaker

Sorry if I am misunderstanding the issue but my Android phone is set to my native language (English) (X) but, for example, I can search from the app for (and learn) French (Y) courses for Japanese (Z) speakers (or other combinations).

It then syncs across to my laptop ok.

Sorry if I’m missing something. :thinking:

(Sublimes) #7

I have my phone in Spanish, and I want to learn Catalan with German as source language. But I don’t see why I have to switch the phone language to be able to enroll to a special language course. I just tried and switched the phone to German and still the Catalan course does not show up. And what about the non-language courses? Apparently I can’t select them either from my mobile device.

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OK. I understand the problem now. Sorry! :blush:

No, Memrise doesn’t currently let us start all the available language courses (or any of the non-language courses directly from the app. There are many courses that we still have to start from the web version and they will then sync to the app so we can continue them from either version. According to the latest forum update, I think we should be able to access everything direct when the new Decks app launches sometime this summer:

Until then, if you have access to a web browser on your phone, you can start a course from there and it will sync to your app.