[Courses Forum] "Verbs I" and others by meh2

Please post all questions, comments, jne about courses created by @meh2. I will make “Verbs II” public soon.

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Course links:
Body Parts http://www.memrise.com/course/80737/body-parts-41/
Common Verbs http://www.memrise.com/course/67208/common-verbs-6/
Finnish: More Basic Words http://www.memrise.com/course/64811/finnish-more-basic-words/
Internet Words http://www.memrise.com/course/73503/internet-words/
Verbs I http://www.memrise.com/course/65441/verbs-i/

Finally found time to check out this forum, etc. at least to start to… :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks for the courses - only have some minor issues with “Body parts” (re: sääri=shin; jalkaterä=foot, etc. - i.e. the jalka=leg “ambiguity”)… actually, there are plenty of other terms that could still be added…

Anyway, you may remember I helped fix some of the issues (& added terms) in the “Internet Words” course a while back, so I’d be happy to also help you “maintain” these others - although they all already look in pretty good shape IMO.

Looking forward to your new course…

(btw. still also trying to fix the (rather random) long list set up by cjvin5, http://www.memrise.com/course/511130/finnish-vocab-list-2/ )
P.S. Apologies if this is the wrong place to contact…

Yeah, it took me awhile to find the new forums!

I really liked the additions to “Internet Words”; I wouldn’t have thought of using bang (!). I think of it as a math symbol (not) or emphasis for a sentence. I forgot the original meaning as an imperative. :slight_smile: (what’s the emoji for facepalm?).

I talked with my mom about the leg issue. (She is a native Finn but immigrated here–US–before she went to school.) I have to ask her to use the word in a sentence to get a meaning–she doesn’t know Finnish like a dictionary. “Sääri” means (to her) leg, but specifically the lower leg, from knee to ankle. It includes “shin”. But it is also “shin”. So, it’s both. Similarly for “jalka”. I had to ask her, how would you say in Finnish “my leg hurts”. She uses “jalka”. Then I asked for “my foot hurts”–she uses “jalka”. I’ll have to talk to others and read the dictionary more. “Jalkaterä” is specifically the foot. Or what my dictionary call “the business end of jalka”

I haven’t really spent any time on these courses–they were created when memrise just started. There were only about 10 courses (in Finnish) then and very few covering just introductory words. Colors and clothing were all that I remember and Beginning Finnish. I’m inclined to start new ones focused on advanced levels rather than add words, except for the “Internet Words”. That could easily be expanded into computer related words and terms.

Good luck on Verbs II–ps what’s your best score on Speed Review of Verbs I–I’ve only reached 51–where’s the facepalm emoji, again? Translating in my head isn’t fast enough yet!

Hi! It’s a funny thing with jalka. It’s from hips to toe. So if your jalka hurts it can also be a thigh (reisi) or a foot or a leg or even a knee or a heel. Anything between a hip and a toe.

That’s what my mom says!

I have edited “Body Parts” so that “jalka” accepts both leg and foot and notes that it means both words. Similarly for “sääri” (leg and/or shin).

Well, I wasn’t ever really looking for the fora, so that didn’t help… :grin:
At least so many of the courses I’ve done are not being “maintained” anyway.

Yes, jalka is all of those and more (as Atikker mentions; e.g calf)… one of the more tricky things in these courses is to get the “balance” between whether to use the more strict or the commonly used term. I try to use the strict terms, and then also add the commonly used terms as clarifiers.

P.S. my mum is also Finn, who emigrated firstly to Sweden, and then finally to Australia in the '60s. And I’m now in Finland… go figure.

Oh, and re: the Speed Reviews - don’t usually have time to do those… but might try someday.

Thank you–I’m sorry for the delay in replying–I have too much work right now. I’m inclined to keep the basic course on body parts as it is and expand by creating a separate course. I will create a body parts II course in a few days focusing on the plurals and more vocabulary. meh2

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Audio files (google TTS) added to Verbs I.

And I’m even slower in responding. :slight_smile:
I really haven’t been active in the past year… should get back into it… but first should get a better mobile device.