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I recently completed the French course on Duolingo, and I want to go further with my French studies. I’m relatively unfamiliar with Memrise, and I would like to use this website learn French vocab. However, I’m not sure which course to choose from. Which courses have you had success with? Ideally, I would like to start a course that teaches 10,000 words.

You can work through these courses.

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i would not call duolingo taking one to the interm-av. level

a nice course for intermediate Fr

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If you’re looking for phrase courses, I am trying to create courses that I can’t find. They’re not advanced, but they’re at about the right level after Duolingo.

The first is phrases using futur simple which is currently at about 500 sentences and will be at least double that. After that I am going to do passé simple then start on conditionals. I’m also in the early stages of using the lyrics of French songs to create courses, but I don’t have those set to public because I’m uncertain of copyright issues. I will send the direct links to anyone who emails me (see my profile). I’ve done a few that have links to online philosophy articles in French so you can preview the content on memrise, then read the article.

None of the courses I create have audio because no one wants to hear my pronunciation.

I second the recommendation by @Hydroptere to do French/French vocabulary courses. I’m doing a few of those (two general, one human anatomy, one technology). And if you can get TV or movies with French audio and French captioning, I highly recommend that. (Netflix is excellent for this kind of practice.)

My apologies, I should include a link to the list of courses:

I don’t recommend the EasyAcademy courses, those are listed among my courses because I volunteered to correct mistakes.

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btw, how would one translate “gâte-joie” - killjoy?

Gâte-joie being an archaic equivalent of rabat-joie, I guess “killjoy, spoilsport” are appropriate.