Course selection screen has gotten super slow

  • Description of the issue:
    The course selection screen appears to have been updated to be prettier but it has slowed down terribly. There is a noticeable lag as it downloads the course thumbnails and that continues every time I scroll. I have dozens of courses (either finished and reviewed frequently or currently working on) and it makes scrolling down to the bottom to grab the next course to review very painful. Before the recent update it was plenty fast and caused no troubles in getting to and selecting the course from the bottom. I would flick my finger several times to get it to scroll on its own down to the bottom and that worked really well.

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    iPhone SE

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    touch the drop down at the top left that pops down the menu of my courses to choose from

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Hi @edfagerb, thanks for taking the time to report this! I can see what you mean, the courses aren’t always very smooth to load now. I’ve created a bug report for this (internal code QA-843) so that our iOS team can look into this. Please keep an eye out for future updates in the app store :slightly_smiling_face:


This has occurred again as at April24th, 2021 upon the reversion to the prettier version.

Hi @RyanCoke, can you please confirm which version of the app you have? You can find this in the app settings.


For me the problem also came back in late April. In the help section it says that I have IOS 3.2.34 with release notes for 20 April that indicate the problem was fixed. Au contraire mon ami. The main course list is very slow to load and then takes a while longer before it will scroll. This has more than double my time to go through the 18 to 24 courses that I am learning or reviewing daily. It may be okay for 1 to 3 courses but it fails for those of us with longer lists to do. Suggestions:

  1. The prior selection screen worked efficiently. It just needed a check mark to indicate that the daily goal had been done. Number of words and streak length are not needed here IMHO.
  2. Give us an option to move the last reviewed course to the bottom of the list NOT the top.
  3. How about having a course holding folder so courses that you don’t want to see daily or not lose progress in can stay up but out of the way?

Please revert to a working main screen.

Hi @Flieger512, thanks for your feedback. Can you confirm that this slow course loading issue is still happening for you on the latest version (2021.4.26) of the iOS app? Can you also please confirm which device you are using?
Thanks for also taking the time to give your suggestions for something you’d like to see in the Memrise product. We’ve now noted your feature requests. If more users request this feature, we’ll make it known to our Product team, who will take it into consideration for future updates :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks!


Version 2021.6.21 now takes 15 seconds to load courses after the 7 seconds to load the course image. This problem has been increasing over the past couple of builds.

Hi @RyanCoke, sorry to hear this. Can you please confirm which device you are using so we can test this? If you have any screen recordings of the issue, you can also send these to the team here.


I am using an iPad Air 2 updated to iOS 14.6. With the most up-to-date Memrise app on it.

Please note that I am scrolling through 24 courses+. (If load is a factor.)

The course list will not even scroll at all until the pictures are loaded. After the pictures are loaded, the scroll only goes to a course beyond the last and eventually the scroll catches up on the screen. In other words, before the load is completed the scroll takes you to one extra course than the screen displays, after the 15 seconds the screen will jump 8-9 courses.

I do not currently have any recordings.

-Ryan Clarke

Hi, thanks for letting us know.

I’ve sent this information to the relevant team, who will investigate asap.

Unfortunately I don’t have a timeframe for the fix right now, but we’ll update this thread once we have more details.

Thanks for your patience.