Course Recommendations

Hello, Memrisers. I've been mostly a user of this site since helping my friend create a Memrise course in college about six years ago, and I've only recently come back to learn Chinese. Now on to the actual content of this topic...

I created this topic so that users could have a place to enter recommendations for the three official Chinese courses. As well done as these may already be, there seems to be enough room for improvement that I thought this topic was necessary. Hopefully, this might also encourage other users to make suggestions themselves, and we can all benefit from improvements.

My personal suggestion: can we get a way to view the Chinese characters from the desktop site? I mostly use Memrise on my desktop, and I noticed that the Chinese characters aren't shown when I open up a level to look at the vocabulary. Only the pinyin, English translations, and the review statuses are shown. This is contrasted by the Memrise app, where I can see the pinyin, English translations, literal translations, and characters.