Course pic dimensions/size?


Just wondering what size picture can you have for your course picture?

As sometimes I put a picture for the course and it cuts the majority of the picture off.

From my experience, it seems to always resize images to 400 x 400 (the server’s image you see when you right-click and select ‘view image’), then re-scale them to 196x196 on the course page, so I personally consider 400 x 400 to be the ideal starting size.

Sometimes I upload other sizes and just let it scale them, but in some cases the result comes out too fuzzy, so I’ll resize it with an image program first instead. If the image isn’t a perfect square, it seems to resize until the vertical dimension is 400, then cut off the sides of the image until it gets a square.


Ok thank you, I’ll try that size out then. :slight_smile:

@TinyCaterpillar What program do you use to create your course pics? :slight_smile:

As the site I used to use is a paid app now. :slightly_frowning_face:

I usually just use Windows Paint for trimming/centering, but if I need to resize the image, I’ll sometimes use GraphicsGale. Memrise’s own scaling seems to usually look better though, from my experience, as long as the image I use is already a square.

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Ok, thanks, I’ll try that then. :slight_smile:

Ooh, that GraphicsGale will come in handy for RPG Maker as well. :video_game:

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Check out > IrfanView < - it’s an amazing versatile free computer program.