Course overview and ignored words

Ignored words are not handled correctly in the course overview menu, now I have a course that shows that I’ve learned more words that are available and that is incomplete. On the website the course is correctly shown as being completed.

Confirmed on 2021.6.14 on iPad.

Hi @Marcus.W, thanks for reporting this. Do you have a screenshot of this issue?
Do you mean that the iOS app includes the ignored words in the total number of words to learn in the course?


@MemriseSupport See the above screenshot.

Also the coloring of the download button looks off center.

Thanks for the screenshot of the course progress bar! We suspect this may be related to a recently fixed bug. Can you please try logging out and back into the app and let us know if the issue still occurs?

Regarding the download button, can you please detail what you mean by off center?


I tried logging out and back in earlier, no change.

I meant that the green color is outside the box for the download feature, for the other ones the colors are only within the boxes as you can see in the reminder box in the screenshot.

Thanks for letting us know @Marcus.W. I’ve created a bug report for this (internal code QA-1005) and our QA team are going to investigate this shortly :slightly_smiling_face: