Course on website and course on Android not syncing

Hello, I later changed some words in the course I created on the website, but these changes were not reflected in the application on Android and remained as I first wrote.They are not in sync.I deleted and installed the application a few times, corrected and saved the words on the website again and again, but it somehow does not synchronize with Android. Moreover, this problem is not only on my phone, but also on the phones of my other friends. (There are those who use IOS among them!) How can I correct the words I corrected on the website on Android? Can we solve the synchronization problem?

Android 11
Latest version Memrise (06.09.2023)

Hello @Dilara_Kanak and welcome to the forums!

Read my posting here:

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Hey, thanks for the reply! But i already read all the related topics and couldn’t find the exact solution. I tried everything written here but unfortunately it didn’t work.

Did you read topics about phantom entries?

Yes, i read all the related topics! But my problem is that the corrected words on web course are not reflected in the android or IOS application. Not only does it work on my phone, it doesn’t work on other phones either.

Also i saw a solution about a script on phantom enties topic. If I just use the script for myself, will other people also have the problem or will it work just for me?

It’s either cache on your device or old entries in Memrise data. Solution is to clear cache and make all other necessary steps (as Olaf said), or to run a script to delete old data.

If you already deleted and installed your app, then most likely the problem is the phantom entries. The issue is that old data is shown instead of corrected items.

You are using a script not for yourself, but for a course. Other users will have to update their courses to see corrected entries.

Actually it’s been explained many times. Recommend you to look into course’s database which is in the edit section.

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If the updated entries show on the web, it’s very unlikely that it’s not a sync issue.

Have you performed the last step in the list found in the post I linked? You’d be the first user where this doesn’t work.

Also, many course creators obviously don’t even notice that there isn’t only the level view (which is the default), but also the database view. To get there, edit your course, then click “Databases” and then one of the databases present in the course (it’ll be only one in most cases). Note that the captions shown here are in German, they might be different on your end:

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