Course on Web says I am done, on Android not

One of my Japanese courses, is not displaying correctly on the Android. On the Web the app states that it is completed, but on the Android is states that there are still 8 more words to learn.

@MemriseMatty, can this be fixed, please

Hey, it’s probably this bug, it’s pretty common.

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I’ve also filed this bug in my “Android bugs compilation” here.


Thanks for your replies @RobertaSpiga00 and @Olaf.Rabbachin. Now I will wait until it’s fixed. Let’s see how long that’ll take.

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I guess Memrise team fixed abovementioned bug in the website, but it still exists in the app, that’s why this discrepancy. Actually, don’t remember if it’s been the case before, I’m not much of a desktop user, but it seems so.

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