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For as long as I can remember I have always had this problem with Memrise courses, and I have been a long time user even before Memrise offered premium features. So the issue I keep having is that whenever I update a course I find there is a disconnect with the syncing. When I add new words on the website via my laptop and then I open either the app on IOS or android I find the new words don’t show up. The only way I get the course to refresh and show the new words is if I log out of my account and sign back in. This method is very cumbersome and annoying because I lose all my offline downloads.

Screenshot of the course after I have saved it on the website. It is showing the new entries of 31 words.

Screenshot of the android app straight after. It is still displaying 19 words. I am also unable to learn the new words on the app but I am able to learn them on the decks website.

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You can do this on a per-course basis: click on the green downarrow that indicates that the course is downloaded for offline use. You will be asked whether you really want to cancel the offline mode. Say yes, the course is deleted from your device. Then you can download it again and thus you get the new words. I guess if you do not expect any corrections to appear, it would be enough to do this once you reach the end of the stuff you downloaded the last time…

Thanks for your reply, I just discovered this myself a couple of days ago that I can do it on a single course rather than logging out. However, the process can still be quite cumbersome especially when a single course contains like 4000 words. Redownloading can take time and be a nuisance, especially since I have noticed Memrise doesn’t cope well with downloading large courses. I seem to constantly get interruptions during the downloading process on large courses.

The only reliable way to receive updated content on (Android) devices is to log off and then log back in. This annoyingly requires you to re-download all content and even update your personal settings each time, not to mention the banner that appears after a little while and asks you to rate the app …


The sad thing is I have another course with a lot of learners and I recently fixed up a lot of mistakes, now I don’t know if they are still learning the old version. Because there is no way to tell if they have automatically got the updated version or not.

if they work on the web version they (except for phantom entries) are working against the changed version.
if they work on the app then they are working against the old one until they log out/back in, or remove the downloaded course and re-download it

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Yes, that is very annoying. The only thing I can recommend is to create a separate forum thread for each your course. The subject should be made up like this:
[Course Forum]Name of the course

For instance, here’s one of mine:
[Course Forum] Dirty French Slang

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That’s great, I didn’t know I could do that. I will definitely look into making a forum thread for my course. Thanks.