Course need fixes: Alemão - Vocabulário Ninja

The name of the course: Alemão - Vocabulário Ninja
A link to the course:
A link to the thread where you have already reached out to the course creator: [Course Forum] Alemão - Vocabulário Ninja (AJUDA!) (HELP!)

A couple of sentences on why you want to be a contributor:
I want to make small fixes when necessary (since there is no way to communicate between users…).
Besides I intend to do the entire course and I review on dictionaries the meaning of each word, therefore I can find mistakes or improve the course. If you notify the author, he may just watch the forum about the course and correct the mistakes I post. No need to become a contributor. If I eventually become a contributor, and since the author is using the course and still improving with his learned vocabulary, I may not add new words, only improve and make the previous translations better (some look incomplete).

Is @jean.dp around in the Forum? Apparently not.

But he has scored points this month on the course.

Perhaps MemRise can ask him to set up a [Course Forum]?


That is actually the point of this topic…

I know - I am trying to ensure that @MemriseSupport notice this thread and have the facts before them and contact the Creator.

Hi - Please see the abandoned course guidelines which lays out the process for addressing these requests: READ ME: Abandoned Course Requests

We review all requests in batches, as opposed to an ad-hoc nature. Rest assured we will see these requests if they are placed within the correct section (which this one has been). No need to tag Memrise Support in these cases :slight_smile:


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