Course Leaderboards Not Refreshed This Week?

It still hasn’t been refreshed for this week again. Odd part is that it refreshed what I did, just not anyone else on the leaderboard.

Hi @AkiraKurusu

The same thing has happened again to me, despite my protests and promises of help to get this sorted out.
I find it odd that my weekly score board was returned to zero (as it should have been) but only for me; how could this be? What’s going on?

If anyone else is reading this and it has happened to them , please report it. The more voices and pleas to Memrise, the better.

A disgusted Memrise user



Whoever has been assigned to fix this problem, has obviously not managed it.
The weekly scores were carried over for everyone except me, what it going on?

A disappointed Memrise user

I’m wondering if what we’re seeing is what everyone else is seeing, and that it appears to everyone else that we did not refresh either. Or if it actually did refresh, but only for some people.

For my course leaderboards, what I’m seeing again this week is that my score has been reset to zero and, in most of my courses, the other names seem to have retained their scores (ie the usual bug). In some of my courses, though, the overall number of names on the leaderboard has reduced overnight, which suggests that mine was not the only score to be reset to zero for those particular courses.

For my homepage leaderboard (people I’m following), all scores were reset to zero as usual overnight. I know that some of the people on that leaderboard live in different time zones to me and I can see the reduction in their overnight scores.

I’m taking some of the same Spanish courses as Sternchen and can confirm that name has disappeared from the relevant weekly leaderboards this morning.

@Joshua - over to you.

Hey all, the team hasn’t been able to fully fix this issue, but they’re still working on this bug.

I am unable to give an estimation to when a fix will be released.

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Disappointing as this has been going on for sooooooooooo long. For me, since Jan/Feb 2018 but it appears for other users much longer!

Hi @Joshua

I can confirm what Alanh has said for this user-created course:

For the first 9 people the weekly board has definitely not been reset because of already achieved >35k points (to 120k) on Monday 13:20pm GMT+1/CET.

When there is a bug in the system, is there maybe any way to either reset it for ALL users, on/off per course (judging all users the same course and weekly board), or leave it untouched (not resetted) for everyone when people want to compete?

I would understand that for some courses (e.g official courses) it might behave differently than for user-created courses, or maybe it also is different for several languages…

@Joshua It is very disappointing. For me as a teacher and my kids who look forward to starting a new weekly contest. On my class leader boards, two courses’ of one class were reset to zero, but not the others just like the previous week. As an avid advocate of Memrise, it is sad that while I take learning on Memrise very seriously I didn’t see the same in Memrise team. Sorry for being a bit harsh. But how can I keep telling my students, parents and other colleagues that Memrise is an awesome tool for language teachers again in the future if even the leader board doesn’t work? I am still hopeful at this point and assume Memrise will take user satisfaction into account. I know that Memrise just raised another 15.5 million in funding to expand the product thanks to strong user growth. But why should we users stay here if user experience is poor? And for a bug like this which lasts for so long, it is hard to imagine anyone responsible to simply tell Memrise and users that there is no estimate as to when it can be fixed. This kind of customer service made us feel that you guys are just trying to do the job, but you don’t care about us users much at all. Again, sorry for the harsh tone.

a grateful but disappointed Memrise user

We are working on it to make sure that we put an end to this issue.

The task which handles reseting the leaderboard runs for a while and then fails, which is why some leaderboard have reset either fully or partially.

We know what the problem is and we have a couple of solution in mind to tackle this problem. As we speak the web team are looking in this bug.

I am unable to give an estimate to when this bug will be squashed as it’s not something simple to fix. There’s a chance the task which runs weekly to reset the leaderboard may fail again. Since we are not 100% sure our fix will work, I’ll rather not give you an estimation and get your hopes up, only for it to be broken again.


Thanks for the helpful explanation, Joshua.

Thanks for the explanation and help, Joshua!

Well, here we go - the end of the week and almost the beginning of a new one.
After all these years I am beginning to lose interest in what I once regarded as a wonderful way to keep in touch with my language skills.
I have stopped recommending Memrise to anyone as I really feel that the scoreboard problem is a raw deal for some of us.

@Joshua Agreed. It happened again for the 3rd week so far. For my 3 classes, two class leader boards was reset to zero, but not another class. And even for one individual class, the vocab course leader board was reset, but not the sentence course leader board. Time to look for another more stable language learning platform? Is it really that hard to fix it?

Just reporting in to say that all my course leaderboards reset ok overnight. How about yours?

@sunlaoshi - It sounds like you are still being affected by the bug. I’ve currently got 30+ courses on my dashboard and they all reset ok this week.

Hello @sunlaoshi, Hi @alanh

Just checked and can report that in all my classes, the weekly scoreboard has been reset for EVERYONE (yes, I am shouting!) this week - as it should be.

Sorry that you it didn’t happen for you @sunlaoshi. From past negative experiences with the Memrise scoreboards I have learnt to be cautious about these things.
Last week I only visited selected classes, skipping the major ones where I had spent more time. As mentioned, I have lost a lot of confidence in Memrise as this has been going on far too long.
It is helpful that we report what is going on so let’s keep communicating on the matter. This is the only chance we have to air our views.

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@joshua @Sternchen All my class leader boards were also reset to zero! It is weird that last night only some classes did. Anyway I really appreciate their work!! Thank you for hearing our voice Joshua! Sternchen, let’s keep communicating with Memrise to help make it even better! Thanks all!

@alanh mine is fine now! Really happy! Thanks!

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I do several Japanese courses (web version), and they have all been reset. Thanks :slight_smile:


Looks like the leaderboard was able to reset as normal this week. :muscle:

Here’s some information regarding the time the leaderboard will be reset.

Course leaderboards reset every Monday at 1 am UTC. It takes a few hours after midnight for the reset to complete.

Hopefully the leaderboard will reset as usual every Monday.