Course Leaderboards Not Refreshed This Week?

Greetings all. Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that the individual course leaderboards were not refreshed (set to 0) this week.

I don’t really pay that much attention to them, but I noticed that in several of the courses I am reviewing/learning still retain the points from last week. New learning and/or reviewing from this week just keeps on adding to the previous weeks totals. Anyone else noticed this ?

The points for the mempals I am following, as well as myself, were refreshed as usual. It is just the course leaderboards that are errant.

Note: I wasn’t sure what category this post belonged in, so if someone wants to move it to a more appropriate location, feel free to. Thanks.

Edit: This issue is apparent on the web and iOS app version. I don’t use the Android app, but it may be there as well.


Same thing for me here in Finland.

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Me too! I just came here to ask this same question. I hope someone works this out before Monday’s next reset as I actually count on it refreshing every week to mark the group members weekly progress and award weekly incentives. :confused:

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@Secretly_ADragon30 ~ Hopefully, for instances such as you stated, this can be worked out soon and the points earned / words learned can be properly allocated to the correct week.

Not sure why the course leaderboards have a different cut-off time/date process than the mempals do. One would think they would use the same logic, since they are both basically leaderboards.

Edit; tagging @Joshua so someone from Memrise will read this once the office opens for business on Tuesday.

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Actually, there’s usually if not always a discrepancy between the time the course leaderboards and dashboard leaderboards update, but up till now it’s been a matter of an hour or two.


I’ve been informed that the leaderboard reset task didn’t run successfully.

I’m afraid if we reset the leaderboard now, the leaderboard will not include the points earned today or yesterday.

The leaderboard will be restarted as usual next week.


OK. Thanks for telling us.

Some course leader boards have reset this week, some seem to have partially reset and others not at all.

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Again! What is it with the clocks as Memrise?

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Every week the course Remembering the Kanji, Volume 1 resets only partially. My points reset but the top 100 don’t usually reset. This is beyond frustrating, as competition is a huge motivator for me. Today (Sunday) is when this partial reset happens, so here’s to another week of frustration!

The weekly course leaderboard reset doesn’t seem to have worked properly again this week. :roll_eyes:

2 weeks now that the leaderboard hasn’t reset. This is so frustrating. Every week I wonder if it will reset because it has happened, randomly, multiple times now.

The course leaderboards have failed to reset again this week. :unamused:

Same thing with the group course leader board here. Individually yes was reset but the group board is basically the same for the past two weeks. I assume Memrise is working on this but since no one has responded, we can only hope that’s the case

Once again, the course leaderboards haven’t reset this week.

I also noticed something strange happened in one of my courses that I monitor. When I looked at the leaderboard on Sunday evening, it had 78 names on it. This morning, it hasn’t reset but there are now only 57 names showing.

It is very frustrating as I use Memrise as my homework system in my class. It is confusing for both me and my students if the points will not be correctly reset. Can Memrise make an effort to work on it? Appreciate any help! @Joshua

The leaderboards weren’t working since last week, but I decided not to mention it, since our resquests are anyway ignored.

@mila83 That’s really disappointing. Memrise used to be a dynamic company and platform. I still believe they want to keep their momentum. I am also eager to find out how to make our voice heard.

Thank you for reporting this, we are aware of the issue and have someone assigned to the task.

We hope to find a resolution soon.


@Joshua Thank you for getting back to us! We really hope Memrise can get it fix in the near future. Again, appreciate your response and help!

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