Course leaderboard: Saving last week/two weeks ago, last month statistics + e-mail comparison of last 3-4 weeks

Hello all Memrise learners and staff,

DuoLingo introduced a new weekly statistics course e-mail.
I get those since a view weeks.

They include 3 statistic numbers about:

  • current week
  • last week
  • week before

So you can directly compare 3 weeks very handy. I like those enhancements very much so I can see my performance - and have it saved in my e-mail postbox.

On Memrise I am missing to view and save the “last week” (not current week) course dashboard statistic numbers, as they will normally auto reset each Sunday a little bit after 00:00.
I want to show (and permanently store) the top 3/5-10 AND being able to compare the “current week ended SO 23:59:59” to the 2-3 weeks before.

The same happens for the “current month”, which auto resets at 00:00.

There are simply no course dashboards columns “last week” and “last month”…only “this week”, “this month”.

I guess I am inspired from DuoLingo and a little bit from the “course leaderboards not refreshed this week” thread: Course Leaderboards Not Refreshed This Week?

@Learners: Would you also be interested in some further comparision statistics and being able to receive those weekly / monthly per e-mail?

Or does Memrise Pro already include that?

@Lien @Joshua
Question to the Memrise team:
Would it be very difficult to extend the course dashboards for additional columns AND e-mail weekly statistic subscriptions (maybe with an option for opt-out)?

Hope to hear from you all about your opinion.

Best regards



Just a week ago I was thinking about quite the same thing … Why on Earth we do not see the results of the last week (month) as well as the current.

The Leader-board helps to motivate us, however it should stick around a bit longer … and that is definitively not something technically difficult or server taxating - is it?

Would be very nice and simple idea to see implemented.

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Here is a previous suggestion of mine:

I thought memrise pro already has this kind of statistics, and if so we can’t just ask memrise to add this for people without pro, if they would add this option for everyone and we keep asking little things like this there would be no reason to buy pro, when nobody buys pro memrise won’t get that much money and they can’t afford to bring new updates out. (I don’t know the incomes of memrise but I think pro is one of the biggest)

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Hi @L.u.c.a

Are you a Pro subscriber?

Do you have more than one “weekly/monthly” tab in each individual course (e.g last month, last week) on the right side of the leaderboard?

Hi @Thomas.Heiss

No, I’m not a pro subscriber but I know someone who is. I remember seeing once on his account something with light blue squares, the darker the more points you had achieved that day (but this is already well over a year ago). I don’t know if you can see the exact points of last month, but if the sqaures function is still active you could get a indicator.

Hope this helps you out a bit :slight_smile:.