Course Italian 3 is really long (too long). Why?

I noticed that the italian course level 3 is way too long compared to italian 1 or 2. Italian level one has 230 words to learn. Level 2 contains 385 words. Level 3 has 752!
It says I’ve learned 496 of 752 words and counting…

I think it would be a good idea to split level 3 in two. What do you think?


All of the third level of the official Memrise courses seem to be like this. I don’t know why they did the courses like this.

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Yes, I’ve seen and wondered about this, too. It seems to be quite the same across all languages as the courses’ content is extremely similar in all those courses. Not sure why they decided to do it that way, but I suppose that’s just the way it is.

I don’t see even the slightest chance of convincing them to change this as it would require to change all their courses, so I’d suggest to simply accept it and move on. :wink:

I suspect that once one masters the essentials (1 and 2) one needs to build up a vocabulary before moving on to more advanced sentences.

I tended to think of it as achieving individual levels within Italian N⁰ 3 as a way of seeing progress.

Hope that helps.

I guess it makes sense, but somehow it gives me the illusion that I’m not making progress somehow…


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I was thinking, maybe level 3 is that long so it’s easy to see if you are serious about learning the language. If you are serious and consistent, then you will keep on learning and spending time. If you are here just to kill some time, then you will probably quit.
The problem is that some people from the first group might get frustrated even though they were initially motivated.
What do you think?

I think MemRise encourages persistence by allowing people to progress up the ranks (now known as Levels) initially but then the rate of progress is limited for the more serious learners.

Much has been written about this.

My streaks are all intact, except for three French courses. Not sure whether I could’ve forgotten to do them (never happened to me in more than three years though, and one was well over 900 days I believe). All other courses are fine and in sync across my devices now!

The Brazilian Portuguese 3 course has 673 words.
PTBR 4 only has 163 words.
PTBR 5 again has much more (433) words.

I wish they had moved some of the words from 3 to 4…or at least spread 1+2 equally :slight_smile:

But probably they have grouped 1+2 and 3, and started a new group for 4+5?

Do courses 4+5 really contain all A2 vocabulary?