[Course Froum] KIIP Level 4 (intermediate 2) by Hanguk262

I am in KIIP Level 4 and have been using a course for grammar (http://www.memrise.com/course/710344/kiip-l4-2015-grammar-set-1/) and a course for vocab (http://www.memrise.com/course/335571/kiip-level-4-2/) and these have been super helpful for me.

However, the grammar list stops after lesson 9 (right before midterm review chapter) aka half of the book. The author made several specific chapter lists but most chapters are missing. I’d love to contact the author to ask for the rest of the book to be completed and/or get admin privileges so I can help finish the remainder of the book.

The vocab course is also missing a fair number of words, ex: word lists written on bottom of pages toward the end of each chapter are missing as are a few words at the start of chapters.

I was able to get Memrise to give me admin powers for a different course where the author didn’t fix mistakes as noted in the individual forum for that course. But now that individual course forums are gone, I don’t know how to contact the authors. I’ve sent a request to Memrise and am waiting to hear back. Other options?

Richard, what KIIP course are you doing? I’m working on a course for KIIP 중급2 right now with a friend, but it seems like it isn’t the course you are doing. Here is the link.

If you are interested in contributing on it, it would be really helpful. There is just so much vocabulary, and I’m also adding audio. So it is taking a lot of time.

I’m so excited to get a reply ^^ I am taking KIIP 중급2 right now as well, and as you noticed I have been using a different memrise course for the same KIIP class (roughly 500 terms vs your 1,300 words). I’d love to help with your much more complete course. Please tell me how I can help and I’ll do my best.

Quick question, if related words are taught in a classroom, but are not in the book, do you want to include those as well or do you want to stick with only terms/grammar sentences used in the textbook proper?

In the meantime I’ll join your course and start working my way through the vocab. Cheers~

Hi Richard,

I had a hard time figuring out the forums, so I didn’t realize people were posting here about the course. We are adding some words that aren’t taught in the classes, but really there are only a few. My friend (who is contributing to the class) also has a different teacher and she has been getting worksheets that have words we haven’t added. So, I need to message her and see what she wants to do.

Also, do you have Kakao? You can email me your ID and I’ll start a group chat there. When we make changes to the course we update each other.

We have only completed up to Chapter 9 so far. I’m finishing up a few things on Chapter 9 and I’m going to start finishing Chapter 10 soon. There is a skeleton of vocabulary already added at the later chapters.

I haven’t added any more grammar sentences. I’m just keeping a notebook of sentences that I study from. Translating takes too much time and memrise isn’t that great for long sentences. Might delete those chapters of sentences at the end soon.


I’ll send you an e-mail with my phone/Kakao Talk info. I suggest you remove your e-mail address from this forum for privacy reasons. Talk with you soon.

Hi @Richard_Moore
Thanks for your email!
I have emailed the course creator to invite them to the conversation. Hopefully they’ll join us here soon.
If we don’t hear from them in the next week or so, please ping me. I’ll then look into adding @Richard_Moore s a contributor to the course.

Hi Lieueez @lieueez

Can you enable typing in KIIP level 3 course?

Thank you so much~

Son Duy Vu

Hi can you upgrade you level 3 KIIP course to typing