[Course Forums] Chemistry courses not listed elsewhere

This thread is a holding thread for all Chemistry course enquiries and discussion when a Creator or Contributor has not set up a specific Course Forum.

Creators can request that some of these posts be moved into their own thread when created.

Please note I am NOT a creator or contributor to any Chemistry courses.

I am actually wandering about that. Is there a way? I mean to leave a note to the creator of course who does not seem to be much active. I wanted to help him to manage course … but I need to reach him somehow.

What if he didnt find the link to forum at the bottom of the page?

If he did, it must be more of hassle to go and reach some thread here just to look, if anyone might have been interested enough to leave him some message there…

well I am frustrated, I love the idea of the course he developed … (in Chemistry) … I might to start right over again (and do all the formulae from the scratch … some 150 of them) or I might help to develop the course (in alignment to his wishes if that is what he would like)

Anyway I need how to manage to reach him somehow.

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Hi @petr.r.skupad8!
If you put @ before creator’s name and they are active in this forum they’ll get an email. If they are not active here we can ask @Lien to check if they are still active on memrise learning site. Anyway it is good to know the course title (a link to that course) because maybe some contributors are active here, who also could help

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Thank You the course is Organic chemical structures (innovative nice and useful piece of work)

by the autor:


Absolutely - here it is ->
Organic chemical structures

It is actually the only chemistry Memrise teaching the formulae … and using graphic interface … the ony one which gave me soething.

Hi @petr.r.skupad8

You may wish to visit this forum thread which deals with your question about contacting course creators.

Cc @Atikker

Have you seen these courses (with chemical formulae in them):

@Atikker - please, don’t get upset, but the thread is about something else: please start a new one or send PMs. When I saw that the thread has new msgs in, I had the hope some solution was found, for the original issue of the thread…

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Hi @Hydroptere, I agree and I was considering if the recent conversation should move into the one I suggested above or even a new Chemistry course forum post now we know what it’s about.

I see Chemistry comes under “Maths and Science” so I have now moved it here.

Trust you all are happy with that?

Cc @petr.r.skupad8

Ok, oh thank you …

I should not say the only in Chemistry

I just meant the only in organic chemistry … there it is more complicated by the need to memorize the trivial names for formulae …
(The anorganic chemistry … why not, but did not even look for them … and most of the time … you just learn the naming system)

Let’s hope this now gets the results you want @petr.r.skupad8 .

Have you read the posts about contacting the MemRise team either via this forum or by email to info@memrise.com?

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I also found this search helpful:

I am new here … I do not even know, how this question of mine got here :-))))

I needed contact for course creator … i Got some suggestion and also I would like to have some general discussion about chemistry … or organic chemistry…

If there is not such a thread, shouldnt we create one? Would you attend?

Yes, thank you … I did’nt contact them yet.
(P.S. it seems that seemscreed is lightly active in learning stuff … so maybe I will have luck)

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I’ve created this thread for you to talk about Chemistry to anyone who is interested.

You can also invite people to this thread (use the icon and text link below).

And if you would like to support the course you mentioned, then ask the MemRise team if you can become a Contributor.

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@Simscreed … Hallo hallo? Simscreed are You somewhere around here? :slight_smile:

Unlikely as it didn’t turn into a link.

I know :slight_smile: … I tried it

  1. in order to find out if the link will pop up or not (he might have come in the last 10 months)

  2. To let him know, that here is the place I am waiting for him :slight_smile: … if he will ever come, after Lien’s invitation might work (I asked her to email him just a few moments ago)

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Hi it’s me, Simscreed. I received Lien’s email just yesterday. I wasn’t aware there was a community section on memrise, good to know there is one. I see that you’ve tried to contact me for a while. Unfortunately I’m not that much of a heavy user of memrise but due to the fact that I study Medicine in the Czech Republic, I found memrise to be a valuable tool for memorizing much more than just languages for certain subjects. I’m glad you found my course on the organic chemical structures to be useful.

I had plans to add more chemical structures to that course, if you would like to improve the course I’d gladly make you a contributor that course too.

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i couldnt find them eitherrrr