[Course Forum] Yonsei Korean Reading 1 (10 chapter per level)

Several Contributors have created a course* for the Yonsei Korean Reading book, where each Memrise level is a chapter in the book. That’s great. Thank you!

A large percentage of that vocabulary is also part of Yonsei Korean, which can be solved by setting the doubles to ignore. However, that creates chapters with very few words to be learned, sometimes only 2.

So I created the course
Yonsei Korean Reading 1 (10 chapter per level)
that has only four levels, and each level having of about 10 Chapters, containing about 100 words each. Easy to study as whole and even if up to 80-90% of the words are ignored. Enjoy!

Any feedback welcome. Still need to add the audio, and not sure how to do that without spending a lot of time recording, saving and uploading (suggestions appreciated).