[Course Forum] Who Composed Me? By Snufkin

Hi everyone!

Thread for this course: https://www.memrise.com/course/54535/who-composed-me/

Is there still some contributors of it around here ? @snufkin doesn’t seem to be on the forum

The “Rondo alla Turca” is missing from the Audio > Composer levels

Also, that would be great to have a Portrait > Composer level and a Audio > Title level. Currently, I can find the audio from the title, but if I hear the audio, I can’t say the title for some of the pieces

EDIT: and there is also the keyboard problem which makes it to easy to guess the correct solution for typing questions


I have never seen activity from the course creator or contributors. @Lien Are they any active contributors for this course? I would not mind creating some extra levels and fixing some exra spaces and stuff in answers.

They are returning complaints about the audio for Rondo alla Turca but it usually works for me.

You can block the keyboard with an adblocker. Just block www.memrise.com##.clearfix.keyboard

Hi @duaal,

As the creator appears to be no longer active on Memrise, I’ve added you as a contributor.
Let me know if you have any questions.

Best wishes,



I’ve added an extra audio fragment for “Rondo alla Turca”.
Also I’ve fixed some spacing and capitalization issues.

What extra levels do you want? Because Level 5 tests for composer names prompted by their portraits and Level 6 tests for titles prompted by the audio fragments.

Thanks for the corrections!

I’d be interested in a level showing the audio and asking for the title (the contrary of level 6). However, I don’t know how to handle this in Memrise to avoid confusions with the cards where the recto is also the audio, but the verso is the composer

A level showing the composer name and asking for its portrait would be nice as well (the contrary of level 5)

Added the two levels as requested.

Nice, thanks! I tested quickly and everything seems fine.

Do you think I could be possible to have the same levels (maybe without the portraits) for the other course by @monzen? https://www.memrise.com/course/324694/who-composed-me-part-2/

I sent him a private message a few weeks ago but he hasn’t replied till now.

Actually I was wrong, there is a problem. When the question is the Audio, there is no way to know if the requested answer is the Composer or the Title (besides looking at the virtual keyboard). One solution I can think of would be to always have multiple choice questions when the title is required, because long titles are painful to write and furthermore, they are not “exact” title

Complain to Memrise. The problem as reported here Column Descriptors no longer used in tests, instead "Pick the correct one" was introduced by Memrise changes in december.

And I can’t do anything else about it because as a contributor I don’t have the rights to change the testing settings for this column and make it non-typing.

@Lien would there be a way to fix this? I mean at least change the testing settings of those cards (or updating the interface to display which column is asked for)

I just tested again and it is good actually. I don’t know if something changed or if I just missed it last time

I just ran into another problem. A multiple choice question with four choices of which two Bach and I chose the wrong one. There does not seem to be a difference (like extra an space between the entries) that have Bach as a composer so I don’t know what caused this.

That’s strange, I thought both would be correct in this case. Hopefully this problem can only occur during planting and not during watering

I am frequently getting the duplicate image problem referred to above, and choosing the wrong one.

I’ve made some changes. Tell me if the problem persists and if so it concerns a specific composer.

Thanks for looking. The problem still persists though. Today one question had three Mozart images, and the one I selected was incorrect.

@duaal I think some titles need to be fixed

  • "O Fortuna ": there is an extra space at the end
  • “the Rite of Spring”: the first letter is not capital whereas it is for “The Old Castle” for example
  • “Eine kleine Nachtmusik”: no capital at the beginning of “kleine” whereas there is one for “Old” in the “The Old Castle” for example

Hi @fflorian,

  • Actually there’s no extra space in that entry,
  • Capitalized it now and also added the original French title “Le Sacre du printemps” and the Russian titel to the alternatives,
  • That is the correct German title, in German adjectives are not capitalized.

Well here is the entry in the database and there is really is no space there.
Must be one of those Memrise glitches.