[Course Forum] Welsh Duolingo vocabulary forum replacement

Memrise has removed forums within courses so the forum is now here. If you find any mistakes in the course (there are a few) write them here please.


Good work on this!

I have a couple of fixes:

Llysiau is listed in the course as “berries”, but I think it should be translated as “vegetables

The audio for “bacwn” is some piece of dance music, which is a real annoyance. I’ve had to mark it as “ignored” to stop it…

Another one: the audio for “dillad ysgol” Seems to be “gaeaf”

Thanks, I’ll sort those mistakes. They’re slightly unusual ones…

Another one, the audio for Spring seems be “Gwanenyn” not “Gwanwyn”. Have you fixed any of these because they still seem to be wrong to me? Thanks!

“Cau” is defined as “open” when it apparently means “to close” https://en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/cau

Are any of these going to be fixed? If not, I will stop posting here


Hi, what memrise course is this referring to?

I think it’s referring to this one.

thanks a lot

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

It would be very nice if you could put a link to this course in your first post

ps! @fooyourface if the first post is not editable, I can put that link there if I had it

At this point, I think it’s been long enough that the original post is no longer editable, so he’d probably need to request that the post be made into a wiki.

@chrs I’ve fixed all the above mistakes, I hadn’t had the chance to before now.

@Atikker It’s this course as Neoncube said. I don’t think I can edit the original post.

Looks like Atikker added it now :slight_smile:

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The audio for beic is reaaally loud, could this be fixed?

Hi there,
I’m trying to learn basic Welsh, and I’m keen to use Duolingo and Memrise side by side (as they compliment each-other very well). However, this course has many gaps in the vocab (I’m happy to name some examples if need be), and the inconsistency in audio is very off-putting. Would it be possible for you to update the vocab, and (if possible) get a native Welsh speaker to say all of the words so that there are decent, consistent audio clips for all of the words (it’s very hard to learn the pronunciation without this).
Many thanks!