[Course Forum] Weather & Cloud courses supported by DW7

Please use this thread only to contact DW7 about any of my CLOUD and WEATHER related courses or those I am supporting, when you can NOT find the Creator or a specific forum link.

If you find any typos, have problems or questions etc about any of the courses I am supporting, please post them here.

Please tell me

i) which course (by giving a link),

ii) and if possible, which level the problem is in

iii) and of course the issue.

All the courses I am supported are listed below:


Thanks @DW7

If you want to see the “Full Course Description” go to the web version (if you are using the app).

For an explanation about the differenced between the web version and the app and the loss of “Multimedia levels” see:

For an explanation of what “Reversed” levels are see :

About the Beaufort Wind Scale course (https://www.memrise.com/course/168323/beaufort-wind-scale-modernised/):

Why is there no chapter about m/s ? This is a common and important unit among physical meteorologists (at least in Europe). Would you consider to add it? I would be interested in learning that.

best regards

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Hi @brium-brium, Thank you for your interest in one of my first courses (Beaufort Wind Scale).

Thank you for your suggestion/ request of metres per second wind speed.

I have now added that information in new levels (8 and 17), courtesy of Wikipeia .

I hope you enjoy learning them. DW7

Hi @brium-brium

Did you see I added m/s to the wind speed course for you?

Not sure if you have tried the course yet?

Currently I’ve been learning weather related courses - precisely about clouds, category “other”, created by @kodischild, @DW7 and @Patrizioso. I’m offering an enhancement of them by adding sound. It would be beneficial for learning purposes.
Could I possibly get an access to them? After creating audio track my rights could be restricted again.

Hi @Radoslaw_Jagiello, I am glad you like our courses.

I have just gone to look at your leaning and creating history and you do not seem to feature.


Please can you give us your link and perhaps a link to a course you are considering.

Cc @Patrizioso

Ok, I see where the problem is: in special “l” letter character. My account is with"ł".

Please, try this link:


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Hi Rado,

That was hard to spot!

Congratulations at reaching Level or Rank 15 and I’m pleased to see you have been enjoying several of the courses I have assisted on.

As you don’t appear to have created any courses, and it is quite tricky and likely to be messed up, may I suggest you create the audio files and attach them to this thread or to a Private or Direct Message to me so that I can try to add them.

As a Contributor to many of those courses, I have limited powers so if the audio column doesn’t exist, I can not add it and it would have to be the Creator who has to create that column.

Perhaps I ought to move these posts to an exiting thread concerning “Weather courses”.

I look forward to hearing from you.


BTW using a special “I” makes me wonder what country do you come from?


Looks like there is a current bug with uploading Audio!

Can't add audio anymore

Thank you!

Yes, I have. I created a few language courses to help me memorize vocabulary, but because they are based on copyrighted courses I can’t publish them.

Anyway, I’m familiar with audio feature. I will start with your course. Maybe the others follow suit?



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You are very wise to be mindful of Copyright.

I know these courses are not for profit and a lot of people do acknowledge their source.

I have supported many existing courses and only created a few with mostly my own words.
And as you’ll see I have broadly three areas of interest.


Your plan sound very good, and rather than cluttering this thread with clips, perhaps you can PM (or DM) me with the audio files.

How will you obtain your your audio?

Once you’ve completed my course(s) then I’ll check the others to see if they have an audio column (I checked some and they don’t).

Anyway many thanks for your offer to enhance these courses.


May I suggest you just give me one audio file first to try.

Unfortunately, I can upload only images here. How can I send you audio files?
And sending you direct message is blocked.


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Why not create a dummy course and upload them then I might be able to save them :wink:

DM is, I think, blocked until your status is ‘improved’ over time.

Does “ERJOT” mean “A New Beginning”?

Here you are:

I hope you find it useful.

Newborn but with old stats:)


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Many thanks Rado,

Thanks for making me a Contributor, it makes it accessible, (but it’s just as quick from “Preview”).

I’ve uploaded the ‘female’ audio files for the ones with are a close match to the way I would pronounce it (but I am NO expert!).

I am not sure about some of the pronunciations - it’s not how I have been pronouncing them. eg

I say ending in ‘US’ not ‘IS’. eg
Capillatus, Congestus, Duplicatus (ATUS), Fallstreak hole (FALL not Foll),
Fibratus (not as I pronounce it) etc.

I’ve found some alternative files, although not all are ideal.
Most are ‘Italian’ which is similar to the Latin which is the language of Clouds.