[Course Forum] Vokabular "Modernes Hocharabisch", Lektionen 1-23 by rainerdefender

Hi @Lien can you please contact the course creator @rainerdefender? I would like to suggest some improvements. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Sure, I pinged him/her and email and invited them to this conversation. Hopefully we’ll hear back soon!

Hi, I was a little surprised to receive the message by you, Lien. In the past I’ve gotten comments on the course directly. Has something changed and is working differently now?

Anyways, @hensejo , I’ve mostly switched to more informal ways of learning and don’t check back here that often anymore. If you’re interested in any bigger changes to the course I’m happy to give you editing permission. Smaller stuff, just shoot and I’ll try to implement it.


P.S.: Lien, is there any chance your engineering team could implement HTML5 audio recording and have it “gracefully downgrade” (they’ll understand that term) to the Flash audio recording currently used? Like many, I already have Flash disabled for security reasons and as your engineers will know, major browsers are now starting to disable it by default.

(It’s the difference between me now going to the garden to do some earth moving there or me recording some new audios which I wanted to do originally but now can’t be bothered to do because it would involve messing with the computer to get Flash working again, then record the audios, then disable Flash once more, which is just too much of a hassle.)

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Thanks a lot. I’ll make some notes and send you the small changes. The course is already on a very high level.

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Hi, I noticed an error in this course, can I report that here?
In level 3 (Stadt, Flughafen (K) - 103/129) if you click on مكْتبة (Bibliothek) you hear the wrong word, namely خزانة (Schrank)
Could this be fixed?
I’m not sure where else to make a comment like this, hopefully this is the right forum…
Thanks in advance!

Hi Lurch, this here is the place, yes. I’m just not actively studying or teaching Arabic at the moment, so not working on this course either.

And hi again, @Lurch! Unfortunately I don’t have the original files spoken by Zakariya, who’s a native speaker, around anymore. So I’ve recorded myself, which I hope will do.

I’ve also added you as a Contributor should you wish to make corrections to the course yourself.

@Lien, have you been able to check back with the engineering team about implementing HTML5-based audio recording in the webapp? It’s gotten to a point where it’s quite ridiculous to have it be Flash-based only, with now pretty much all major browsers having started to eschew Flash openly. I did try to get it to work for half an hour before giving up and doing the recording in Audacity. Please, pwetty pwease, talk to them again if you’re allowed to do so at all!

@Linguophila, you are now on the Contributor’s list, too. Correct away! :slight_smile:

@rainerdefender Thanks a lot for the updated audio file!
I would really appreciate being made a contributor - although so far everything else seems to be fine, perhaps I’ll come across something as I work through the course. Does it take a while before my status updates?
Anyway, thanks again for the changed audio, it sounds fine to me :slight_smile:

Sure thing! You were definitely in the list already, but to be sure I re-added you just now. The full list of contributors is now:


Only two of these (Linguophila, Lurch) get recognized by the forum software when I type an “@” in front of their names. @Lien, could you take a look whether I’ve added them all properly? Also, is it correct that even after 2+ (?) years I’m still regarded by the system as a “new” user?


I think you might have added the wrong Lurch to the contributor list then, since I don’t have the option to change anything yet, I’m Lurch with a dot at the end (Lurch.), could you check? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Ahaaa! That explains things. Can’t be seen from your name here by the way. I’ve added “Lurch.” now. Does it work?

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Yeah now it does :smiley:
Thanks again!

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