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My question is about titles between two same-sex persons in intimate relationships. How can we say “I love you” in the case of two men or two women in the case of same-age too ? Is it possible to say “Anh yêu anh” ?

Hi, not sure if you have got the answer but,
There are several ways to address yourself and the other in an intimate conversation:

  • Tôi/ mình/ tớ - bạn (rather general and it doesn’s sound very intimate in my opinion, and it’s quite polite)
  • Tớ - cậu (this can be used between close friends, and it’s still polite)
  • Tao - mày (close friends, very casual, but in contexts it could be used between people like enemies…)
  • Tôi (for either m/f) - bà(f)/ ông(m) (also casual)
  • Anh(m)/ chị(f) (older/higher status like cousins) - em/mày (you guessed, mày is more casual)
  • Em (younger/ lower status) - anh(m)/ chị(f)

You can also address the other by their name.

And no, ‘anh yêu anh’ doesn’t sound right. It should be ‘Tôi yêu anh’, but I don’t think I have heard this in person.