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New Course!

For the course Video Game Japanese.

This course was made to accompany the Japanese Talk Online article about you need to know to understand Japanese video games.

Please let me know if there are any errors, additions or changes you would like me to make to this course.

I will be making additions to this course, but if you have any gaming vocabulary or topics you want added let me know!


I used to really like Japanese games, but now I feel some kind of disgust from them. The Japanese made literally 4-5 high-quality games that fell into global trends, and the rest of the games are just shit like anime so I will never play Japanese shit again. I prefer games from American developers like a league of legends. This is just an awesome game with lots of amazing features . You may not even play, because you will purchase a league boosting and this will make your account much cooler. So don’t waste your time on Japanese shit!