[Course Forum] U214 Worlds of English


(Chiew Pang) #1

I’m starting a course as an aid for those of us who are doing the OU’s U214 Worlds of English. It will be an in-progress course. Feedback is welcome. The course is here.
Disclaimer: This course has not been endorsed by The Open University.

(Chiew Pang) #2

Even though this course is being prepared with the OU’s U214 in mind, really, it’ll be useful for anyone interested in the language be they teachers or students.

(Chiew Pang) #3

I have just added a level (10) which contains all the 44 English phonemic symbols. This might be of interest to many of you, I suspect. You can ignore the rest of the course and only “learn” this level. I wanted to copy it to my Pictures Course but it’s not possible. The only way is for me to do it manually, but I don’t have the time right now.