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This course contains spoken Spanish verb forms, obtained from the fourth most common 1000 words of Matthias Buchmeier’s Wiktionary Spanish word frequency list. The Wiktionary list is based on a 27.4 million word movie/TV subtitles database that probably reflects normal spoken Spanish reasonably accurately. FULL AUDIO



In level 2, the audio is wrong for:
has nacido
que dios te bendiga

Many thanks for adding this course.

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Instead of ¡mantente! the course has !mantente!

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Level 4: ¡empiece! begin! (tú) (e…)

empiece is the 3rd person; the 2nd person is ¡empieza!

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Course has: refugio = I take shelter, refuge

I wonder whether it should be

refugio = I GIVE shelter, refuge


me refugio = I take shelter, refuge

Not necessarily a correction, more a wondering.

Thanks for all the great courses.

You’re quite right - thanks for pointing this out.

I’ve changed the “refugio” item in Level 10 in accordance with your suggestion.

I’ve also added a new “me refugio” item, with its correct translation.

By the way, and as you almost certainly already know, the word “refugio” can be either a noun (= shelter) or a conjugated form of the verb refugiar, although usage as a noun is much more common. I used the Wiktionary frequency list as the primary source for these verb courses - the list (uniquely) indicates Spanish words that are used in more than one part of speech.

I decided when assembling these courses to include all verb forms, even where they may be uncommon. That way I didn’t have to spend time researching and deciding whether to include or leave out conflating verb forms.


Thanks again.