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Individual course forums are gone. This will be the new forum page for all courses that I have created. If you find any errors, or if you have any questions, comments or concerns about any of my courses, please post them here. When you do, it would be very helpful if you could please remember to include the following information so I can better respond to you:

  1. the name of the course
  2. the level that contains the error or other issue
  3. the error itself, or other problem that needs attention

If you don’t have an issue or concern and you would just like to make a comment, then that’s fine too.

You can find a complete listing of my courses here:


Thank you for taking an interest in my courses!

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@jaimebrasil ~ well done ! The multimedia link you provided inside a course takes a user directly to this page so you should be good to go for comments and suggestions.

I wish you well with your studies and with the courses you offer to others (which are many !) :smiley:

@pdao - Thank you for all the help! I would like to wish you well too.

your adverbs course

“preferably” in Michaelis: preferivelmente, de preferência.// finally: finalmente, por último, em conclusão.

“down” as adverb in the Michaelis: adv
1 abaixo, para baixo, em descida, em declive.
2 em decadência.
3 em posição deitada no chão.
4 abaixo do horizonte.
5 no ponto inferior, ao mais baixo grau.
6 do norte ao sul.
7 de origem, propriedade ou época anterior.
8 a uma quantia inferior, a um preço reduzido.
9 em estado de sujeição, depressão, desgraça ou perigo.
10 efetivamente, realmente, com atenção, com aplicação.
11 por escrito, no papel, em preto no branco.
12 à vista, contra entrega.
13 Naut a sotavento.
14 seguindo a corrente.
15 em estado mais calmo, menos intenso.
16 em mau estado físico.

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@Hydroptere I really don’t understand this post. Are you asking a question or posting improvements to the course? What level, what words, and exactly what are you trying to convey?

@Lien, why would you like this? Please tell me?

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Hey @jaimebrasil, I wanted to thank you for making these courses. There really is no better resource online for learning mass portuguese vocabulary, so I and many other learners really appreciate it.

Did have a quick question. Is it possible for you to make typing versions of some of your courses? I’m not familiar with the course building interface, so I don’t know if you can just copy paste a course and toggle an option. I really like your courses, but you can inference through many words with similar roots. I think a typing version would help many of us who use your courses to solidify the information.

Hopefully this message gets to you at some point, you may have discontinued Memrise. Regardless, thanks again for putting the hard work into making these courses! Many of us gringos appreciate it! :smiley: