[Course Forum] The Periodic Table by BenHutchinson

I’ve been doing ‘The Periodic Table’ course which is excellent, apart from the last level, as it contains 4 incorrect element names. When the course was created 3 years ago they were correct but elements 113, 115, 117 & 118 now have different names from those shown in this course

[Should be 113=Nihonium, 115=Moscovium, 117=Tennessine, 118=Oganesson]

Clearly I don’t want to be learning incorrect information but there’s no way of correcting it or of contacting the course creator (BenHutchinson).

I guess it also isn’t possible to duplicate the course and to then change those incorrectly named elements?

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does not contribute in this forum under this name, it seems.

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I have sent the course creator an email to invite him/her to the new forum.
If the course creator is no longer active on Memrise or rather wouldn’t maintain the course, I may be able to add you as a contributor. Let’s wait for their reply.


Hi Lien,
Just wondering whether there has been a reply as yet?

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Hi, Thanks for reminding me! I haven’t heard back so assume they’re no longer interested. You’ve been added as a contributor. If you like, you can update the course via the Edit Course button that should appear when you access the course via the website.

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Thank you Lien.
I’ll go in and make those 4 amendments.


Hi, apologies for my lack of attention to this course, I kind of left memrise a while ago, surprised to still see the course growing! Thanks Lien for allowing those changes, I doubt I will remember to come back to the course if new elements receive names, but if @tony.winyardf6 is still around and active, then by all means keep the course up to date!
Thanks, Ben


Another periodic table course: https://www.memrise.com/course/73957/a-lesson-periodic-table/ also has the same errors regarding new element names. Can this course also be corrected?

What I find annoying is that I made a Periodic Table course:

And when I do this Ben Hutinson makes the coolest one ever

but I have a periodic table song in which @MarshallLanguages should use to help him in my course.
I hope everyone looks at my video and that you subscribe to ASAP Science