[Course Forum] Ten Commandments by Blev3rd

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Hi @Blev3rd, would you be open for some suggestions on your great course, or even allowing me to become a Contributor? (I would seek your approval at every step.)

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Hi @pdao, I see you are also doing this “10 Commandments” course.

You may be interested to know I have produced a simple “Mem” for each one.
(I would be interested to know - after our recent discussions about Mems - if you can see them.)

@DW7 ~ I hope all is well with you.

I am not a fan of mems, and never will be, but yes, I can see them in this course. I am sure others can as well, if they are so inclined. Thanks for creating them. Blessings.

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Mems . . . I can see them in this course.

That’s great to know others can see them again.