[Course-Forum] Sword Art Online Every Single Season! by Lweny/weny001

Hey there, this is a new course made by me for fans of the anime, Sword Art Online (more commonly known as SAO). This course is designed for you to be able to know all the characters, weapons and even the opening and ending songs of each season! Be warned, if you haven’t watched the anime yet, do not do this as there are some spoilers! This course is for you to use whenever you want, preferably when you are relaxing or chilling out. This thread will be used for users to point out any mistakes so that I can correct! Happy learning! :grin:! https://www.memrise.com/course/5489772/sword-art-online-every-single-season/



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By the way, it’s possible to just link to https://community.memrise.com/t/47550 instead of https://community.memrise.com/t/course-forum-sword-art-online-every-single-season-by-lweny-weny001/47550 if you’d like a shorter URL to use in the course’s description :slight_smile:


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