[Course Forum] Suggested Guide for Japanese Literacy (SGJL) course series



I’ll be doing a video series next week covering Tae Kim part 1 and 2. Basically, it’ll be

  1. Write down vocabulary words (using preview)
  2. Do Memrise vocabulary words
  3. Study Tae Kim sub-lesson
  4. Look/type out Tae Kim example sentences
  5. Do Memrise example sentences.


Thanks! I’m looking forward to getting started with SGJL 04.


Nukemarine, or anyone who knows how to do this (I don’t or I would), I think it would be a good idea to update the Timer Disabler link in the header to the new version (0.1.2). Anyone currently using the old version has probably managed to get the new one (it took me all morning!), but it would save anyone signing up for the courses in the future a world of hassle, as all but the kana courses are impossible without it.


0.1.2 also didn’t work for me until I edited the code slightly to change the website of memrise (to https:// from http://) so just take note of that if it doesn’t work for any of you.


Very nice courses, thanks a lot. Is there any way to do reverse reviews in SGJL 03? I want to switch it up and pick out the correct words instead of kanji, but I only get this option arbitrarily while doing speed reviews on PC.


Hello, I’ve been going through the [SGJL 03 - Kodansha Kanji Learner’s Course + KO2k1 pt 1] and have noticed that the Level 1-5 lists have the kanji on the left and the key word on the right, but the Level 6 list has the opposite ie key word on left, kanji on right. Is this a mistake? Does it alter how you would learn it or does it not matter?


I just checked and don’t notice this, but Memrise servers are having issue. Ultimately it does not matter so long as the course after the first 6 initial tests finally tests you Keyword to Kanji.


It’s this page, still doing it for me.

If it doesn’t matter then it doesn’t matter.


Ah, that one. Sorry, I do not have control over that course. That’s by another person. Forgot the gentleman’s name, but he did link to the forum for it somewhere.


Finished preparation on JDI Basic - Zettai Kareshi ep 03 so it’s available to anyone.

The next two dramas in the Japanese Drama Immersion series will be “Ryuusei no Kizuna” and “NetFlix: Terrace House - Boys and Girls in the City”.


not sure where i read that you wanted to do tiger&dragon. Glad you’re deciding to work on ryusei and terrace house instead. From watching T&D and seeing what other ppl say, T&D represents supposedly the most difficult japanese in jdramas


For SGJL 03 should I let myself look at the possible answers? I’ve been trying to just look at the keyword and then remember the mneomic and then what it vaguely looks like in my head, but some of them are really hard to remember this way. If I look at the possible answers I can pretty much always remember which one is the correct one, but not sure if I’m really learning it that way.


The key here is to try to mentally create the kanji before looking. If you’re wrong, consider writing out the correct kanji by hand thinking about the story that helps you remember the correct way to do it, then select the correct kanji anyway.

Basically, don’t let your brain off the hook for not knowing. Make sure it “pays” for not remembering directly, however you don’t have to punish it by marking the kanji purposely wrong when it did at least recognize it.


Hi there! I was looking around for other methods to enrich my studies when I came across your SGJL and I was instantly hooked. I’m new to Memrise and I’m having some trouble figuring out how it works so I have a question that might be rather dumb.

I’m working my way though SGJL07 but it seems the “learn new words” part of it is improperly balanced, let me explain. Let’s say I have 10 words yet to learn from a set of 12 and I click on “learn new words”, I go through ten questions and by the time I’m though, I still have 8 or 9 new words yet to learn, so about 8 of the questions were just variations of the other 2 previously learned words :S.

Is this how it’s supposed to work? It hardly seems like learning new words and more like a review going constantly over the same four or five words without much variety or progress. It might be that I’m used to WK were new words are exclusively new words and then reviews are exclusively reviews of previous words. I’m just wondering if there is something that can be configured to keep both separated… or something.


10 words is not 10 questions, it is much more
the default setting is that you lear in groups of 5 words,
if you get all questions correct, you have learned them by the end of the session, otherwise some will come back in the next session of new words


Basically what IchigoSmof said. With Memrise, a new word needs to be “planted”, then grow into a “flower” to count as learned. This usually is Preview card (seed planted), six questions that grow in how many multiple choices you have (leaves sprout), then you’re learned (flower blooms). After that, words are slowly retested in a spaced pattern (4 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, 6 days, 12 days, 24 days, 45 days, 90 days, 180 days).

The initial six questions can be quite tedious. If you get anything wrong during the learning, it extends how often you see it until it counts as officially learned.


Thank you very much for sharing these!
Do you guys have a chat or a group or a social media where you practice conversations with other students?

I would like to practice what i have learned, i’m just starting out and i hope to improve on it.

Thank you very much!


There is a Japanese/English learner discord group: https://discord.gg/cYcKgMf


Thank you very much for the quick response.


I’ld like to mention two courses, which are in my view underused, and which are great to start learning the kanji

Radicals (No Typing)

Kanji by Frequency (No Typing)