[Course Forum] Suggested Guide for Japanese Literacy (SGJL) course series



This is brilliant!
Thank you!!


Usagi Drop might be a good slice of life anime. For the most part the voices aren’t exaggerated, and I think the vocabulary is pretty simple. (The show is about a guy taking care of a 6-year-old child, so in theory you’d expect the vocab to be around kindergarten-level)


I’m using Devlin for this kind of immersion.

(EDIT: of course, you’re right, DeLVin, @DarthHaro, I had the news on that horrible Nizza/Nice attack running in the background.)


I tried it out, seems pretty neat. Here is the link for others http://delvinlanguage.com/

My Neighbor Totoro clip :smiley:


Best to leave discussion and requests about JDI in the JDI course forum since it’s technically separate from this.

Also, I might make a youtube video on how I made these courses step by step. That way, people can make their own for the material they actually want, upload it then I can link it. Unlike SGJL which has set courses and is pretty much one size fits all, the key to JDI is a drama/anime you can actually enjoy listening to and mimicking dozens of times even after spending hours comprehending/translating/testing it. Oh, and then slowly adding either more episodes or other series as you complete SGJL courses.

It’s really important to choose a drama or anime that has a transcript or near word for word equivalent manga available. Part of the after benefit is reading these as textual stories over and over again as well.


Just got informed the problems with the courses dealt with a bug when lessons were auto-generated. I copied the lessons, deleted the original and it seems to work. Can you verify they work for you now assuming you didn’t finish the course yet.

I’ll also noticed the vocabulary courses were affected so I’m fixing those.


In 04 Tae Kim all audio tests on the iOS app like below have the same answer in all three options. It works correctly for 05 vocab.

Of note - two days ago I reinstalled Memrise. Before that I had audio tests turned off.


I have audio testing disabled so that’s an app issue. I think you’re able to disable tests like this in mobile for 30 minutes if it becomes an issue.


That’s too bad because I liked the other type of audio tests: audio to text answers, which Is working properly. Those audio tests are helping with comprehension. Is this a bug I should open with Memrise?


I don’t like doing Audio tests on courses that use Text to Speech audio like the grammar courses. It’s doable, but I prefer it stay text with the audio as a supplement. The vocabulary courses and drama immersion courses use native audio so having audio as a prompt is not as bad.

That said, what you’re experiencing is a bug and should be reported. It should play 3 different audio as choices, not the same one.


This is great! Thank you so much for putting the effort. I never knew someone out there is doing all the hard work for helping new learners!
Even though I’m not new myself, but… yeah.
I have a question, though, about the kanji courses. Are they going to test us on the meaning only, or the readings as well?
Thanks again!


The kanji course isn’t technically Japanese. It’s a trick or short cut in that you learn those kanji as if they were an English device. Later you’ll find out how the Japanese use your English kanji in their language. Sounds bass-ackwards, but it does work. When you learn Japanese vocabulary in SGJL 05 and later, that’s when readings start to come together and they’ll stick because they’re in context of words.


That makes sense. To be honest, I feel a bit skepticale about this because I never used the this method before, but I guess I’ll give it a try.


It’s not mandatory. However, the courses that follow use kanji and kana almost exclusively so it helps to be very comfortable with recognizing and distinguishing kanji even if you don’t know their meaning or pronunciation. The kanji course uses Heisig’s method which deals with using visual imagination for the parts of kanji to help remember the whole. That’s not for everyone. There’s an alternate course for KKLC (Kodansha Kanji Learner’s Course), but I can’t vouch for it as I’ve never done it.


Hi! I came back!
So I worked on the remembering the kanji course and I’ve been doing well so far. :slight_smile:
Only, I’ve noticed that there are no written quizzes :confused:. Are they disabled? If they are, are you planning on enabling them anytime soon?


I disabled them as a prerequisite since many may have issues with an IME. You can still write it out on your own. For more time, disable the timer with the greasemonkey script.


I see…
I guess I’ll try that. Thanks! :slight_smile:


This may be a baka question, but do you recommend doing units in parallel or sequentially?
In other words, would you do SGJL 03 (Kanji 1) while also doing SGJL 04 (Grammar 1), or even SGJL 05 (Vocab 1)?

Is the structure meant to follow one after the other or is it paced to manage “all of Pt 1” at the same time?

Doumo arigatou gozaimasu


I don’t recommend parallel learning at least for the first half of the Basic courses. You want the Kana and Kanji in your head before the early grammar which uses a lot of Kanji. You want the early grammar in your head before the early vocabulary if only to help make sense out of the example sentences. You want all this early kanji, grammar and vocabulary in your head before trying a Japanese Drama Immersion course.

After the first half though, there’s little harm in doing vocabulary and grammar along side each other. For vocabulary though, I’ll warn that I only introduce vocabulary that have kanji taught in the preceding kanji courses. Might be best to do the first two kanji courses on their own.


Thank you for the advice.