[Course Forum] Studio [21] A1 Vocabulary by sherrin

Request to correct error

Level 150: Plural of der Fluss should be die Flü sse.

Can you give us a link to the course you are referring to ?

here is the link:

Thank you, I tag @sherrin so she can take notice of your comment.

Thank you so much

Fixed it, thanks @Md_Faiz_Rosli for spotting it and @sircemloud for the tag. :slight_smile:


Hi! Here is another request to correct an error.

Level 125, 7.3 Neue Berufe: tranieren should be trainieren. The ‘i’ is missing.

Thank you so much

Fixed @Md_Faiz_Rosli, thanks for catching another one. :grin:


Hello. Here is yet another request to correct an error.

Level 33 2.4 Menschen, Kurse, Sprachen: It should be das Magazin and not das Magazine.

Thank you very much for making this course. ^^

I’ve made the change and updated the audio file.
Thanks for letting me know. :grin:

You’re most welcome, and I hope the course has been useful for you. :blush:


I’ve noticed another mistake in Level 103 (6.3 ‘Wo ist mein Terminkalender?’). It should be der Papierkorb not die Papierkorb.

And indeed the course has been a great help; thank you so much!

Just fixed, thanks! :smile:

Hello, I noticed another mistake.
Level 153 9.3 Was ist passiert: it should be der Eintrag not die Eintrag. ^^
Thank you, and have a great day. :slight_smile:

Fixed the text and audio! Thanks! :smile:

Sorry for the popping by so frequently. I’ve noticed two mistakes.
Level 125 7.3 Neue Berufe and Level 126 7.3 Neue Berufe - Nomen im Plural:
It should be Berufsinformationszentrum and Berufsinformationszentren instead of Berufsinformationzentrum/-en.
Thank you. :smile:

Whoops, missed the email alert on this one, hence the delayed response. :sweat_smile:

And no problem at all, thanks for catching these!

hi, dear Sherrin, I just find the shared materail on Memrise when I almost finish the input of all vocabuly in Studio 21 A1 Das Deutschbuch and Vokabeltaschenbuch. It is really a big work for me. I am learning German in Geothe Instaitut in the city of Xíán, China. Thank you so much for your sharing. And May I get a complete copy of vocabulary of Studio 21 A1, that will be much better if in the Excel form. And is it your website, https://expressingmeaning.net/ ?
Vielen Dank. Sie sind super!

Sorry I haven’t been on the forums in a while! :persevere:

I managed to find this one Excel file, but it appears to be missing the first 3 chapters. It starts at Station 1.

I’ve uploaded the Excel to Google Drive (in case anyone else wants a copy) and it’s over here.

I’ve added in the above corrections listed on the forum, but there may be more that I’ve found on my own and corrected in the course that are not reflected in this Excel.

I created this Memrise course back in 2015-2016 when I was taking German classes at my university and have since sold my textbook and vocab book, so I no longer have access to the source material.

To answer your other question, yes, Expressing Meaning is my website but I’ve not been posting recently. I should have resumed this month but I’m in the middle of changing jobs and work has been crazy, so I’ve been putting it off. :sweat_smile:


Thank you so much for replying to me.

Now have finished the A1 German course with GI. Also have finished the input of all words in the A1 words pocketbook. Still appreciare dearly for your sharing. I will d/l that.

Thans again.

Best regards,



Hello @sherrin ! I happen to be revising my german using the course you created, and found that the words for level 48 (Chapter 3.5 Nomen in Plural) are still in their singular form. The words are:

  1. das Interview (die Interviews)
  2. die Grafik (die Grafiken)
  3. das Prozent (die Prozente)
  4. die Region (die Regionen)
  5. die Konversation (die Konversationen)

Would greatly appreciate it if you could change them to the bracketed words instead!

Thank you so much for creating this course :))

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