[Course Forum] Spoken (colloquial) Sinhalese

This is the forum for the following two courses that I’m maintaining:

The goal of these courses is to teach spoken Sinhalese. The spoken form has quite a different grammar from the written form found in newspapers and books.

This is an ongoing work in progress and new content will be added over time.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a message.

Added more lessons to the two courses:

212 Unique words in over 350 sentences

NOTE the native script course is missing a few alphabet lessons.


Thanks a lot for the updates! Could you double-check the translations for these questions when you have a moment?

  1. Indefinite count of things - 1: “fōn ekak” -> “two phones
  2. Looks similar - 1: “arayaṭa yanna ōne vagē” -> “looks like that person wants to read
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Thank you very much!

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Added more lessons to the two courses:

245 Unique words in 368 sentences

This covers 7% of the 2000 most frequent words in movie subtitles

Hi. Please could you double-check the translation on the following question?

  1. Immediate family - 2 - 2: “akkā kanavā” -> “the elder sister is reading

Fixed. Thank you very much!

Hi. Please could you correct the question or translation for the following on the Native-Script course?

  1. Who, what - 1 - 2: “ කවුද කන්නෙ? ” -> “ Who is eating meat

Fixed. Thanks!