[Course Forum] Speak Esperanto Like a Native! by _deleted_141109_0131_57

This course is by _deleted_141109_0131_57
They are, however, no longer active on Memrise so I am now here to make any corrections if necessary.
If you have any questions concerning this course, please ask them below.


Al mi ne helpis nur 5 vortoj pro leciono, do mi ne uzis cxi kurson.

Cxu vi pensas pri tio?

Mi pardonpetas, mi ne komprenas vian demandon. Vi volas ke mi kombinas la lecionojn?
Sorry, I don’t understand your question. You want that I to combine the lessons?


You want that me to combine the lessons?

I think so - ask if you need help.

Possible translation:

It did not help me for just 5 words for a lesson, so I did not use this course.
Do you think about that?

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Don’t worry, I understood neo268.
But I am interested in how to combine levels. I won’t do this as: a, this isn’t my course and I’m just here to make corrections - if necessary - and and answer any questions concerning it; and b, I think that it is a good idea to break up the words into more manageable sections, like it is now.
But if there is a guide on how to do this - and other tricks that may be useful to know about - somewhere, please give me a link, it would me much appreciated.

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I realised you understood him as you mentioned combining the “small levels”.

I’ll have a look for a link for you but basically:

Go into the database and create levels of say 15 or 20 items each.

These will appear at the end and numbered.

You can then delete (or leave) the original levels.

As the course is by a “deleted” person may I suggest you have full control to amend respectfully.


Small groups can be nice to encourage new learners. However, if a course is following a book, I would recommend the lessons follow the book. That would make it easy to group learning sessions.

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Mi ne pensas ke ĝi postiras libron.
I don’t think it follows a book.

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Dankon! Mi parolis en generala sur la libron. (<- Newbie with a dictionary)
Thank you! I spoke in general about the book.

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